Citroen DSX

With the DSX Citroen, the French PSA Group brings a large SUV on the car market, which should be directly against Porsche Macan, VW Touareg and the Audi Q5 and lures with low entry prices for new cars in 2013. As a basic encoder for the SUV was the DS5 sedan Godfather, are taken from the floor beside the group also other devices. The DSX Citroen cars can have on a vehicle length of 4.70 meters, a luxurious interior space for five occupants who sit in comfortable seats. The engine of the Citroen DSX portfolio is broadly based and includes various diesel and petrol engines with a power range of 160 to 200 hp. The top model of the Citroen DSX aims to provide as an electric hybrid system output of 240 hp, the 1.6 - liter petrol engine to the front wheels and an electric motor to work just on the rear axle. The silhouette of the new or used SUV Coupe was designed in the trendy look, so the roof line from the B-pillar drops sharply and flows in the hatchback tailgate. Here in the trunk found around 360 liters of luggage place.