Citroen DS9

The Citroen DS9 is a luxury sedan of the French carmaker from 2013 and sparked the C6 model in the range from. In the style of the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake the Citroen DS9 to capture the car market and pamper the occupants of the upper class model with luxury. On a vehicle length of less than 5 meters, an elongated hood extends with only 1.27 meters to a coupe with a hatchback. The Citroen DS9 rolls on 21-inch alloy wheels and the drive train connects via plug-in hybrid technology. So come under the hood of a new or used Citroen DS9 is a 1.6 - liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, comprehensive with 225 hp is used, which is supported by flanking a 70 hp electric motor. So is the Citroen DS9 a system output of 295 hp and torque of 225 Nm is available, which provides very good performance with a new car Citroen DS9. A top speed of 250 km / h and a brutal acceleration from the sin Shooting Brake mandatory. Here, the Citroen DS9 in the EU mix to make do with about 2.0 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (factory specifications). The lithium-ion batteries in the Citroen DS9 can be within 3.5 hours of each outlet to recharge and provide a pure electric range of 50 kilometers.