Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse

Nicknamed the " Baby Benz ", the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is not everyone know, but the first compact car from Mercedes was given at the start of his era exactly this name. Since 1997, the A-Class is produced, and had like the smart small car only pass the elk test before he was able to establish to to compete with the established Renault Scenic and Citroen C4. The first generation of the Mercedes - Benz A-Class was available only as a five-door hatchback with a choice of short or long wheelbase. The current generation of the Mercedes - Benz A-Class is getting since the summer of 2012 at the dealers as a new car. The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is much lower on the road and is looking stronger competition with the Volkswagen Golf, BMW 1 Series Mazda or the third The "old " engines have been used in the A-Class: The Swabians now sat at the small-displacement units from the production of Renault. The downgesizeten units with 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 liters are produced by Mercedes-Gusto in France increased 1.8 - and 2.1 - liter engines, however, are native to sub-Door Home : Initially available are a 1.2-liter CGI with 109 hp, a 1.4-liter CGI with 136 hp, the 1.8-liter CGI with 156 hp, a 1.8-liter a-Class CGI with 184 hp and potent 1.8-liter CGI brings 204 horsepower to the front wheels. The diesel range is graded by a 1.6-liter CDI with 122 hp, a 2.1 - liter CDI with 136 hp and a 2.1-liter diesel engine, the 170 hp and 204 hp when Mercedes - Benz A-Class cars can be ordered.