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Mazda related news

The Porsche hunters by Mazda

Augsburg, 12. June 2018 Flat, red and strong: anyone Who does not think as spontaneously to Ferrari? But there was a time in which the Japanese manufacturer blew with fine sports cars to attack the Establishment...

Mazda engines are clean

Leverkusen, 25. May 2018 You may have noticed it already, that the emission limits were tightened. The new standard bears the name of Euro-6d-Temp and lower nitrogen oxide emissions requires diesel cars...

Mazda CX-3 environment-friendly

New York, 29. March 2018 In the case of small, but high cars the risk of normal nature always threatening. So SUVs look Compact, sometimes rather doubtful. A notable exception to this is the Mazda CX-3...

Wankel-Comeback at Mazda

Hiroshima (Japan), 5. March 2018 If there is a car manufacturer that is associated with the rotary engine, Mazda. The brand figures sold the circular piston in a million pieces and won the 1991 24 hours...

Also, Skyactiv-X-engine will be presented in Geneva

Leverkusen, 6. February 2018 In the fall of 2017 was seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show the Facelift of the four-door Mazda 6, now the salon (8 at the Geneva auto. to 18. March 2018) the appropriate combination...

Chinese cars: Europe suitable for?

Guangzhou (China), 27. December 2017 Someday, Yes, someday I will get used to it, to test in China cars. At some point. I'm sure of it. But now, as the smoke turn of the diesel bus of a narrow concrete...

Mazda brings the MX-5 Sakura

Leverkusen, 22. December 2017 Winter time is not a convertible this time? Of due! Shortly before Christmas, Mazda gives all the Fans of the MX-5 with new versions of the success of the Roadster. The Highlight...

The maintenance of tradition at Toyota

Cologne, 27. November 2017 They have long been the stepchildren of the classic car scene: Japanese cars. Glamorous were the other manufacturers, which are often rather colourless models of Toyota and co...

Mazda 6: Second Facelift for 2018

Hiroshima (Japan), 16. November 2017 Five years manufacturer for Japanese car for a long period of time. The length of the Mazda 6 is already on the market. Now Mazda missed him after two facelifts in...

Mazda Kai Concept: Threesome

Tokyo (Japan), 25. October 2017 A Highlight of the Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 (25. October to 5. November) the study, Vision coupe. But while the future is uncertain, there are also specific...