Honda Beat

The Honda Beat is a small roadster and was first produced in the period 1991-1996 alone for the Japanese market in the kei car class segment (subcompact in Japan). With the small car in 2012 edition, the Japanese company wants to offer an inexpensive roadster in the highly competitive segment of small convertibles, which has plenty of fun and opposite Renault Wind, Mazda MX-5 and Daihatsu with a lot of equipment and a small price for should score the Honda Beat cars. Is derived from the chic two-seater Honda CR-Z Coupe, which could be sold quite successfully. Motor end, the Honda Beat comes with different petrol engines whose power is 125-170 hp. The two passengers who find their place in a very comfortable sports seats are protected from the weather by an electric soft top. ESP, ABS, and up to six airbags are standard equipment in the roadster. Surcharge can be fitted to the Honda Beat car with a double-clutch gearbox, which was the Superbike Honda VFR 1200 F loan.