Mazda MX-3

Although the production of the Mazda MX-3 was completed ten years ago, the beautiful four-seater sports coupe is still a vehicle often seen on the streets of Germany. This is not surprising, because on the one hand Japanese cars are very solid, on the other hand Mazda MX-3 parts you can obtain very simple. A Mazda MX-3 body kit can be found here as fast as Mazda MX-3 headlights or Mazda MX-3 wheels. In which traders are spare parts to get to share with Mazda fans on the Internet, about the special Mazda MX-3 forum. From 1991, the three-door sports coupe was equipped with a front wheel drive. The 4.22 meter long car is positioned in the compact class, totally drivers by excellent cornering performance. The entry-level version was with an output of 88 hp four-cylinder equipped Mazda MX-3 1.6. With 133 horsepower and a displacement of 1.8 cc of the Mazda MX-3 V6 engine is a little stronger. After a facelift in 1994, the sports coupe received a more powerful four-cylinder engine with 107 hp and an advanced safety features to the ABS, four-wheel disc brakes, two airbags and side impact protection include. The Mazda MX-3 V6 24V engine power was thus reduced to 129 hp. Still provides a well maintained V6 engine, the performance of over ten years ago. Thus, this Mazda car reaches a top speed of 202 km / h Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes only 8.5 seconds. One reason for the fast numbers with only very low vehicle weight of 1.1 tonnes.