Mazda B-Serie

For the 2006 model year Mazda unveiled two new body variants of pick-up " B-Series ". The Mazda B-series is now no longer only as a crew cab, but also as a single cabin with two seats and about 2.20 m long cargo area available as well as new long cabin with doors opening in opposite directions reindeer, the Free-style door system of Mazda RX-8. The current Mazda B-Series is now instantly recognizable on the Mazda family face with its distinctive five-point grille. With the new B-Series features two new lines are introduced : the entry-level version Midlands is available for single - and long cabin, the variant Toplands for long and double cabin. This version of the pick-up covers each 265/70er-Reifen on 15-inch light alloy wheels, color-keyed fender flares, electric mirrors, central locking and chrome covers to the door handles and front bumper. The two proven 2.5-liter turbo-diesel engines (B 2500) are still used. The single cabin has 84 hp, long cab and double cab get 109 hp on the road, if necessary, with all-wheel (AWD).