Mazda CX-7

The offered also in Germany since 2007 Mazda CX-7 SUV filled to the thriving market of a particular role. The flamboyant Japanese-wheel car is dynamic thanks to its hatchback shape as a particularly sporty SUV deliberate. As with the Mazda6 MPS, the Japanese designers rely on the established "Active Torque Split" system, which transfers the driving force by up to 50 percent to the rear wheels, depending on road conditions and driving situation. Under the hood of allrounder attractive, there is a strong 2.3-liter four-cylinder Mazda engine with direct fuel injection and turbocharging. Thus equipped accelerates the Mazda CX-7 2.3 in just eight seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of 210 km / h For an SUV, the Mazda CX-7 consumption is extremely moderate, with only 10.2 liters per 100 kilometers, it has many of the same powerful models in his place. Carried out with the 2009 facelift grille and sills were not only optimized, but also introduced the new 173-hp diesel engine in the Mazda CX-seventh So the fans of diesels benefit of an SUV from Mazda and have an alternative to the VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga or the BMW X3 ready. Installed as standard SUV tires in size 235/60 R 18 in particular are very attractive for Mazda CX-7 fans, but also the rest of the Mazda CX-7 and related accessories can be be seen. Internally ventilated disc brakes all round, ABS, TCS and ESP support and sporty ambitions. To underline the exclusive character of a sporty yet dynamic SUV, are for the Mazda CX-7 for optional radio / CD player gets hurt as Mazda accessories a DVD-based navigation system with voice recognition and a rear-view camera articles available. For hi-fi friends, the Mazda CX-7 2008 offers a BOSE premium sound system with 240 watt, 6-disc CD changer and surround system with five-channel digital sound processor as an extra.