Morgan Threewheeler

Real feeling comes with the motorcycle produced since 2011 Morgan Three Wheeler concluded on the road. The three-wheeled vehicle from the English tradition has been forged from 1909 to 1953 built more than 30,000 times and is now to make the new edition of the Morgan Three Wheeler Morgan with full order books. In contrast to the former " tricycle " (two-cylinder engine of Peugeot with 7 hp) at the Morgan Three Wheeler, a voluminous Harley-Davidson V2 engine used. The 1.8 - liter V-Twin makes the Morgan Three Wheeler whopping 100 hp and conveys the sporty driving machine to a top speed of up to 185 km / h The feed supplied by Mazda 5 - speed gearbox transmits the engine to the rear of the train, so real motorcycle riding in the Morgan Three Wheeler comes up. Morgan typical purist falls from the equipment of the Threewheelers : No windshield, no fixed roof, only two rollover bars behind the seats ensure the safety of the occupants in the tricycle. In particular, the fact that the Morgan Three Wheeler is licensed as a motorcycle and so makes for convenient maintenance costs, is to relive the cult of the Morgan Three Wheeler. Price of handmade Morgan Three Wheeler is below € 30,000 and will be able to achieve very good prices as a used vehicle.