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Ferrari SP38: Retro-unique

Maranello (Italy), 23. May 2018 Sometimes wonderful things, make a very profane name: "One-Off" programs, for example, in the case of Ferrari. There stunning pieces for special occasions and wealthy regular...

Forgotten Studies: Lancia Fulvia

Hair, 22. May 2018 What would have happened if? This question often arises. Also in the automotive area, there are vehicles that would have influenced the fate of so many brand. About the Lancia Fulvia...

Italian classics direct from the manufacturer buy

Turin (Italy), 12. February 2018 FCA Heritage, with the tradition of the Italian brands officer division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, selling selected vintage. Roberto Giolito, the Director of the FCA...

New Stratos is built

Turin, 9. February 2018 In times of electric cars, Autonomous Driving, and the threat of Diesel-driving, you need banned and a message that warms not simply the heart. And all car enthusiasts elicited...

Honda heated Retro-heart

Tokyo (Japan), 25. October 2017 A total of 19 new Honda displays at this year's Tokyo Motor Show (25. October to 5. November 2017). The spectrum ranges from the new CR-V as a Hybrid on motorcycles up to...

Zotye SR9 PHEV: Blatant copy

Chengdu (China), 10. August 2017 Where is the largest car-copying machine? In China. Although the wildest of plagiarism-the times are gone now, but some brands employ, apparently, still Designer, the look...

Front experience

Frankfurt am Main, 29 March 2017 Everything changed for Alfa Romeo: late 1986 Fiat took over the brand in its corporate portfolio. The first result of the new "maternity" was in 1987 at the IAA in Frankfurt...

Do you know already that Audi?

Daun, 25 July 2016 The Eifel rally Festival around Daun attracts every year tens of thousands of fans in the vicinity of the Nürburgring. Classic rally cars from more than fifty years of Motorsport history...

History of the Alfa Romeo Giulia old love does not rust

Old love does not rust The new Giulia Alfa Romeo is at dealerships in Germany in a few week. The Fiat subsidiary with the Giulia to alter strength wants to start with new concept, old brand values and...

Lancia Ypsilon, BMW Z4 and Mini Clubman flop

Brussels (Belgium ), December 2, 2015 The crash experts EuroNCAP have again examined 15 vehicles to crash safety. The results are a bit disappointing. Not because so many cars were flunked, rather the...