Front experience

Frankfurt am Main, 29 March 2017

Everything changed for Alfa Romeo: late 1986 Fiat took over the brand in its corporate portfolio. The first result of the new "maternity" was in 1987 at the IAA in Frankfurt: the Alfa Romeo 164. now celebrates the sharp-edged BMW 5 series rival his 30th birthday.


The history of the Alfa Romeo 164 begins with Alberto. So, the project is called internally, that both the Alfa 6 as also the 90 to replace, which act rather unhappy in the upper middle class. "Alberto" is by the way, not a random name, but "Al" is composed for Alfa Romeo, "Ber" Berlina, so sedan in Italian and "To" for Torino (Turin =) together. The mention of Turin indicates who is in charge of the project, and that even before the acquisition of Alfa. Fiat and its Lancia brand have a car in the same size at a glance as well as Saab and Alfa. So the "Tipo 4" project is created from the Fiat Croma, the Lancia emerge theme, the Alfa 164 and the Saab 9000.

Design by Pininfarina

All four vehicles use the same platform for cost reasons, sometimes the doors even with each other Exchange. However, while Fiat, Lancia and Saab ordered their design at Italdesign Alfa the 164 at Pininfarina design. You can see that the result: while the trio swings between factual and boring, which is edged 164 with its narrow taillights catcher. The die-hard Alfisti complain although the unusual front-wheel drive, but the engine line-up is the reconciliation.

Euphony with V6

Because in Italy gasoline engine about two liters of displacement disproportionately highly taxed, the base engine is a two-liter four-cylinder with double camshaft and 143 to 148 HP in the 164, depending on the equipment without or with catalytic converter. In addition a Turbo with equal capacity and 175 HP, he is on loan by Lancia. Diesel fans get a 2.5 litre turbo engine with beginning of 114, later 125 HP. highlight of the engine range is the three-liter "Arese" but-V6, named after the plant in which it is produced. Luster in the purest sense of the word, because the six chrome intake pipes flatter eyes. Initially equipped with 184 and 192 HP, increases the version offered in 1992 with four valve cylinder head on up to 232 HP and a peak of 245 km/h.

End after ten years

Remains very specially designed specially for Italy (you know... the tax) in the program two-liter V6 with Turbo-charging and 204 HP. From model year 1993 164 super moves a revised design in the program with the new base gasoline is a 144 PS of strong four-cylinder Fiat genes; all 164 get a driver's airbag in series in 1994 and now carry the look of Super. End of June 1997 the rolls last 164 of the band, were built almost 270,000 copies, of which around 50,000 with three-liter V6. As a successor model to the Alfa Romeo 166 at the start is.

Madness with 620 HP

The irrste Alfa 164 however remains a one-off: the late of 1980s formula 1-inspired Bernie Ecclestone is planning a touring car series with pure formula 1 technology under a shell that is similar to series vehicles. Alfa builds a so-called ProCar with the silhouette of the 164 and the 3.5 liter V10 konstrierten for the premier class. The body consists of a monocoque structure made of aluminium that front and rear hoods are made of carbon fiber. The chassis powered Brabham. A real racing is restricted for the monster-164, flashed his potential can be only once in the opening act of the Grand Prix of Italy at Monza. With 620 HP, the per car by Alfa accelerates in just two seconds to 100. With formula 1 driver Riccardo Patrese driving, 329 km/h are measured over at Patreses colleagues who are interested in watching. (rh)