Lancia Flaminia

The luxury sedan Lancia Flaminia was sold in 1957 and came up with some innovations. The Lancia Flaminia was the first Italian car with four-wheel disc brakes and is still regarded by many experts as the most significant design innovation of the fifties. The flat, straight line and the special trapezoidal edge buckling of the Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina creation remained until the eighties models for modern car design. The standard features of the Lancia Flaminia included an ingenious rear wiper system with two wiper blades inside and out and back vent, which could be moved by a vacuum. A semi-automatic clutch, a heated rear window, power windows and air conditioning can be ordered optionally, the customer could in the Lancia Flaminia sedan. For the Italian government in 1961 were by star designer Pininfarina four so-called Lancia Flaminia Presidentiales, state limousines with an extended wheelbase and independent roof structures built. One of the Lancia Flaminia Presidentiales was still used on formal occasions in the 90s by the Italian President. Discover among the various offers in this website also armored vehicles and luxury - or stretch limousines.