Ferrari SP38: Retro-unique

Maranello (Italy), 23. May 2018

Sometimes wonderful things, make a very profane name: "One-Off" programs, for example, in the case of Ferrari. There stunning pieces for special occasions and wealthy regular customers. The latest prank of the Ferrari SP38 is in the framework of the annual car beauty contest "Concorso d'eleganza Villa d'este" (25. to 27. Of may 2018) will be publicly presented.

Many Retro Quotes

The basis for the SP38, the Chassis and the drive of the 670-HP Ferrari 488 GTB. Compared to this, the in-house designers have emphasized the area over the rear wheels visually. Painted in three-layered Metallic Red, - quotes the front end with thin headlights and thin bumpers, the 308 GTB. In profile, the Ferrari SP38 is a little reminiscent of the legendary Lancia Stratos. Dramatically the optics at the rear is the court, where three wide slats instead of a window, the Ferrari F40.

SP as a special project

Suitable for the F40 Look, there is round tail lights pairs and two center-mounted tailpipes, is Framed by the Ensemble of a rear spoiler and a diffuser. The interior of the Ferrari is silent until the Live Premiere of the SP38 on the 26. May. Is promised but a device in the highest quality craftsmanship. The abbreviation SP stands for "Special Project", the SP1 2008 was a converted F430. Four years later, guitar God Eric Clapton left the SP12 EC, based on the 458 Italia tailor.(rh)