Lancia Zeta

The 6-seater minivan Lancia Zeta (Lancia Z) was from 1994 until the end of 2001 based on the Eurovan (Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot and built the platform shared with the models PEUGEOT 806, CITROEN Evasion and Fiat Ulysse. The distinguishing feature of the company is the Lancia Zeta on fine interior materials, such as leather (LX model) and fine wood veneer. For Lancia Zeta offered several diesel and petrol engines : the petrol engines are available 1.8i (100 hp), 2.0i 8V (123 hp), 2.0i 8V (150 hp), 2.0i 16V (135 hp) and diesel Models 1.9 D (92 hp) and 2.1 D (110 hp). For the rear passengers, the Lancia Zeta offers two large sliding doors that facilitate the entry and exit. The generously sized tailgate with low loading sill allows the loading of bulky items. The Lancia Zeta is available as used cars available with manual 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. As standard, the front-wheel drive Van provides a convenient automatic climate control. The Lancia Zeta is now no longer available as a new car because it was superseded in 2002 by Lancia Phedra.