Do you know already that Audi?

Daun, 25 July 2016

The Eifel rally Festival around Daun attracts every year tens of thousands of fans in the vicinity of the Nürburgring. Classic rally cars from more than fifty years of Motorsport history provide two days enjoy the enthusiastic spectators. 2016 organizers managed to get record 65 Group B cars in the Eifel! However, the secret star of the Festival was another vehicle. Have you ever heard of the Group S? No? We educate.

The Group B and S

In the 1980s, the Group B was the King class of Rally racing. Manufacturers such as Audi, Lancia, Ford and Peugeot fought for the world title. Strong driving more than 600 HP all wheel Monster sat exception driver Miki Biasion, Walter Röhrl and Stig Blomqvist. To move away from the costly arms race in the World Cup, they decided mid-' 80s Audi to develop a vehicle for a new class: the group S. This should replace the Group B in 1987. But unfortunately came in the final stages of Group B to some fatal accidents, which is why the FIA motor sport world authority stamped the then current class and their successor category.

Secret ghost car

The life of this Audi Group S prototypes should be before the end of the Group B over. Although the development of the new vehicle launched quite promising after the secret test carrier but suddenly appeared with a photograph in a newspaper, because some mechanics with the car at the bakery were supposedly, the former Audi Chairman Ferdinand Piëch decided to destroy all copies. All cars? Not quite. Piëch monitored only the dismantling of vehicles in Ingolstadt. The light of the world saw an another car but unnoticed in Neckarsulm, Germany. After the end of the Group B and S, as well as the fact destruction provided the white prototype had a spirits existence for years. It is not clear how Ferdinand Piëch responded, when he eventually learned that there is still a group-S car.

Rally premiere with Walter Röhrl

In time, the car eventually immigrated to the Audi Museum, the test vehicle had 12 deferred km up to the 22.7.2016 on the clock. Then it was finally ready. In the context of the rally Audi Festival brought not only with two original factory Quattro in the Eifel region, but also the white prototype. In contrast to Opel and Toyota, which had also their group-S cars in the luggage, but only issue them, the Audi was allowed to collect Wertungsprüfungs-kilometre after about 30 years for the first time. Sat no less than the two-time world champion Walter Röhrl at the helm: "it was a terrific experience, this unique prototypes at its world premiere to control on the tests of the Eifel rally Festival." In the rear of the car, a 600-Horsepower engine from the Audi S1 ensures more than ordinary driving the 750-kilogram projectile. Actually, a performance limit of 300 HP was planned for the Group S. You had but just no other motor on hand at Audi 30 years ago, that's why the S1 engine was transplanted terrific. We now hope to more appearances of the car and maybe Audi sweetened us the wait with a beautiful onboard video. (mf)