Hyundai ix45

With the Hyundai ix45, the current successor to the Santa Fe is available as a new car and brings a compact SUV from the Korean manufacturer to the road. Especially in the middle class segment, the Hyundai ix45 will now respond even more to its competitors for VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga and Renault Koleos SUV and represent a modern European style. The Hyundai ix45 is derived from the i40 offers a large interior space with room for up to four occupants. Similar to the principle of the Opel Zafira, the rear seats of the Hyundai ix45 can sink into the floor, so that the right lush cargo space can be optimally utilized. To drive the car back to Hyundai ix45 uses two diesel and two petrol engines. In the basic model of the Hyundai ix45 work a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, which produces an output of 135 hp. A larger number is the 2.0-liter variant of the SUV, which comes with 177 horsepower to work. The modern CRDi units are built on a 1.7-liter four-cylinder and ix45 cars are available in two power levels, with 116 and 136 hp for the Hyundai.