Convertibles this summer Topless cheap to expensive

Topless cheap to expensive

Around 1,500 hours of sunshine in a year on average in Germany. Enough reasons to zuzulegen a car without a roof. Convertibles in all price categories at a glance.

When the first rays of sun warming properly again, gets one or the other already deployed at the beginning of spring the mood for driving a convertible. Who is playing with the idea to go up a fresh air racer who takes on the new car market a huge selection, almost every manufacturer has one or more open models in the program. A rough guide provides the price. We have compiled a selection of new and popular cars, with which you can drive open this summer, sorted by the initial price.

Under 15,000 €

Probably the cheapest option to drive a true convertible, the Smart Fortwo. 13,985 euro cost of the two-seater convertible top, where you have to take out but the roof bars for the real fresh air feeling. Bargain hunters: In summer, the new generation is presented, so it is worth doing.

© SP-X/Matthias KnödlerDas Trio Citroen C1 (picture), Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 108 are available from summer option with roll top   Granted, Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1, Peugeot 108 are not true convertibles. The new small car from the Japanese-German cooperation that come on the market in the summer, only offer a large fabric roll roofing surcharge. Even a little longer but it the Fiat 500C successful, which is available with large hatch on sale from 14,750 euros. In these regions, the Opel Adam Rocks wants to poach, which is also in the summer will come on the market and then probably just fall under the 15,000 euro threshold. The electric folding roof is fitted as standard in the micro-car off-road dress, perhaps it is also available in the future for the base variants of Adam.

Under 30,000 €

The Citroen DS3 Cabrio ( from 18,040 € ) also relies on the solution with folding top, but offers to four meters in length, a little more space than was previously called midgets. With the willingness to pay more, a growing selection of those with canopy. As a classic roadster, the Mazda MX-5 is from 22,790 euros already available The all-time favorites for summer exit is also available with metal roof for about 2,500 euros extra. Two more seats for example, has the Mini convertible, which costs as cheapest option Mini One (72 kW/98 hp) 21,050 euros. Even more space, the models from VW: VW Beetle The open leaves from 21 625 EUR before, but then without air conditioning. The Golf has his brother driven in the topless variant (from 24.175 euro ) on board as standard, both of which are the smallest version of a 77 kW/105 hp gasoline engine. Another German brand is the Opel Cascada for election, the back of the base version drives up ( 25 945 EUR ) with a leather steering wheel, air-conditioning and parking beepers. Was lifted recently at least 28,100 euros expensive Megane CC, the four-seater is offered in four engine variants. Two discontinued models also come from France: The still on the previous models of the recently updated small and compact cars Peugeot 208 and 308 based steel roof convertible 207 CC ( from 20,200 € ) and 308 CC ( from 28,400 € ) are still available.

Under 50,000 €

The new A3 Cabrio ( from 30,500 € ) experienced in this year his first summer. The version with traditional cloth cap is now based on the notchback sedan. From the summer there is the sharpened version with 221 kW/300 hp S3 ( 48,500 euros ). Something new is the 4-BMW convertible, which replaced after changed nomenclature the open version of the 3 Series and from 46,300 Euros. Unlike the BMW, which drives up with steel roof, the Mercedes E-Class ( 47 838 EUR ) in the open version of a soft top. Also in this league, the open Audi A5 play with prices starting at 39.250 €.

Several Roadster are included in the cost for segment selection. There are the German brands with the BMW Z4 (from 33,950 € ), which provides 116 kW/156 hp in the base version and has a folding hardtop and the Mercedes SLK (from 39 359 euros ) which is also equipped with a folding solid roof. Lots of fun for relatively little money promises the open version of the Nissan 370Z. For 38,900 Euros, the buyer gets a whopping 241 kW/328 hp. And even an open Porsche to get hold of just under 50,000 Euros for: The Boxster (195 kW/265 hp) costs from € 49 957.

About 50,000 euros

Who wants to spend more than 50,000 euros, which really are spoiled for choice. Any premium or luxury manufacturer has at least one open model in this segment in the program. Porsche, for example, offers based on the 911 three variants: The Carrera Cabriolet (257 kW/350 hp) for 103 150 euros, the new Turbo Cabrio ( 383 kW / 520 PS) for 177 882 euros. In addition, the new Targa 4 (from 109 338 euros ), which was modeled on the lines of the 1960s, but now electrically (semi-) clears. Also at the second one is in the steel roof Mercedes SL on the road, which will cost at least € 95 854 (225 kW/306 hp). For the luxurious family outing, the BMW 6 Series Convertible is suitable for the Munich least 83,900 euros (for the 235 kW/320 hp 640i ) call.

Also over there is of course a lot of scope, for example, the new convertible version of the twelve-cylinder top model of Aston Martin Vanquish. The 2 +2-seater with the traditional suffix Volante has a carbon fiber body and the 6.0-liter Saugbenziner (422 kW/573 hp) from the coupe. In Germany it is offered for a little under 300,000 euros. Or the fastest with a top speed of 325 km / h four-seat convertible in the world, which is to have from about 230,000 euros at Bentley. The version of the Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible is also equipped with a six-liter V12, it brings 460 kW / 625 hp to the road.