VW Beetle

After the end of the VW New Beetle in 2010, the successor of the "Beetle" since the fall of 2011 is only sold under the model name VW Beetle as a new car. As with the predecessor, Volkswagen AG engages with the VW Beetle again the design of the Volkswagen Beetle Oldtimers on and comes in a retro style. The current generation of the VW Beetle is based much more on the original model, the Wolfsburg. The front window of the VW Beetle is much steeper than aligned with the New Beetle. The roof has a clear impetus and the much more stylized silhouette of a classic then. Compared to its predecessor the Volkswagen Beetle cars grew by 15 centimeters, 4 centimeters is an inch wider and flatter. This growth is particularly evident for the rear passengers noticeable, which are now repealed much more convenient. The equipment lines Beetle, Design and Sport are available for the VW Beetle car. Motor side, the VW Beetle used cars have three petrol engines with 105, 160 and 200 hp and two diesel unit with 105 and 140 hp. Apart from the series of the VW Beetle R will be produced as a particularly sporting offshoot with 270 hp.