VW Passat Cabrio

With the Audi A5 model series is the subsidiary company has successfully shown us, so it was only a matter of time until the parent company from Wolfsburg, add meaningfully to the VW Passat Cabrio model spectrum of the bestselling and completed. In addition to the Passat, the Passat coupe, the sedan and Variant is now the buyer of a new car and the VW Passat convertible available, which is being considered as the successor of the VW EOS car. As with this derivative is the VW Passat convertible to a Faltklappverdeck that completely under the hood of the trunk lid but disappears on the fault-prone glass sunroof waived. For the drive of the VW Passat Convertible cars provide many petrol and diesel engines as they do their service in the other variants of the Passat. Thus the power spectrum of the open four-seater reaches 105 to 200 hp. Opposite the Golf Cabriolet, the VW Golf cabriolet can especially in the rear come up with more space and provides plenty of legroom in the rear seats.