Bentley Continental GT Speed

2013 Volkswagen brought daughter with the Bentley Continental GT Speed, the fastest ever mass-produced vehicle in the luxury brand on the car market. The English blacksmith will fix with the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​cars a potential competitor on the popular Aston Martin Virage and secure market share. More than 200,000 euros calls the luxury brand on a Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​cars and offers for pure luxury and power at its finest : Under the hood of the sports car a 6.0 liter slumbers comprehensive W12 petrol engine, which made ​​a double turbocharging according legs are. The result is 625 hp and a brute torque of 800 Nm, which may be applied to all four wheels already from 2000 rpm. The performance of a new or used Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​are high : from the state of race car accelerates its 2.3 tonnes unladen weight in 4.2 seconds to 100 The top speed of the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​is 330 km / h at the areas where normally only Lamborghini or Ferrari sports cars are found. According to factory specifications, the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​cars to let go of the combined consumption of 14.5 liters per 100 kilometers.