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The FCA plans to 2022

Balocco, 1. June 2018 First of all, the Alfa-bomb exploded today in Balocco. The 700-HP mid-engine super sports car 8C, a 600-HP-BMW-M4-opponent, the name GTV, electrified two new SUVs, all part of the...

Book by Cadillac launches in Munich

Munich, 18. April 2018 This month, an SUV driving next month, a sports car and next-but-one a sedan? With the subscription system of the Cadillac, which now starts in Munich. Starting in may 2018 Book...

Chevrolet Camaro: Facelift

Detroit (USA), 10. April 2018 A powerful Trio: For decades, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger are Cars very large numbers in the US Muscle. After recently Ford has groomed...

Crazy World Record-Straightener

Beaulieu (United Kingdom), 27. March 2018 Do You Like Tractors? Fine! Matt LeBlanc, host of the TV cult show "Top Gear", too. Four tractors Matt calls his Own. Only Problem: Really fast you are not everyone...

Diesel Offensive in the USA

Detroit (USA), 18. January 2018 The Diesel Car-drive it currently has is not easy. Even in the case of us diesel goopy German be star decreases dramatically: in 2017 sales of new cars shrank with a self...

Chinese cars: Europe suitable for?

Guangzhou (China), 27. December 2017 Someday, Yes, someday I will get used to it, to test in China cars. At some point. I'm sure of it. But now, as the smoke turn of the diesel bus of a narrow concrete...

Chevy shows the new Silverado

Fort Worth (USA), 18. December 2017 Chevrolet celebrates its currently 100 years of Truck history. Since the introduction of the 2019er-Silverado fits quite well into the concept. On the Texas Motor Speedway...

Chevrolet opens the Corvette ZR1

Los Angeles (USA), 29. November 2017 More Corvette can't. At least not from the factory. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, 2017 (1. to 10. December) shows Chevrolet the insane ZR1. And that's not all: for...

Opel is in South Africa Gas

Johannesburg (South Africa), 22. November 2017 Until the beginning of November, Opel chief Michael Lohscheller announced the future plan of the rüsselsheim car manufacturer under the new PSA management...

José Mourinho builds his Jaguar SUV

London (United Kingdom), 22. November 2017 José Mourinho can lead teams successfully. In international club football, the Portuguese coach has won everything already. If he has given in the Jaguar plant...