GMC Vandura

The GMC Vandura is a van produced in the U.S. and was produced by General Motors daughter of 1968 to 1996. A special recognition Get the still used GMC Vandura available through the '80s series " The A-Team " by the Van was an elite unit as a transporter. The composite of GM, the GMC Vandura as Chevrolet G20 (Chevy Van) was produced, which differed by a higher-quality equipment from the GMC Vandura. The GMC Vandura was available in different versions, in addition to the roof variants Lo (normal roof structure) was also known as the Van High Top, made ​​with a raised roof. Similarly, the GMC Vandura was a short and medium wheelbase rear-wheel drive, and a derivative can be selected with all-wheel drive (Model Numbers: G10, G20 and G30). For driving the GMC Vandura was the base model, a V6 gasoline engine with 4.3 liters ready. First choice of the buyers were led by the leg V8 gasoline engines in the GMC Vandura with 5.0 and 7.4 - liter engine in the big-block engine. Furthermore, a used GMC Vandura with two diesels (V8 diesel engine with 6.2 and 6.5 - liter) engine available, which operate much more economical in consumption as the gasoline engines.