Chevrolet SSR

The Chevrolet SSR, it can reasonably be described as unusual car. A pickup truck that can be transformed by opening the electrically operated steel roof in a convertible, it has not seen before. The Chevrolet SSR is also not address the craftsman, but sporty customers, which is a sports car too impractical, or simply is "normal". For this reason, the Chevrolet SSR comes with the 400-horsepower, six-liter V8 engine from the Corvette, which is coupled with a six-speed manual gearbox. An automatic transmission is also available for the Chevrolet SSR, as well as a two-tone finish. 19 inch front wheels, 20 - inch rear wheels and a leather interior are in the Chevrolet SSR Pickup series already. The Bose sound system is in the two upscale amenities of the Chevrolet SSR (2SS and 3SS) as standard. A car like the Chevrolet SSR at this website you can purchase specially priced.