Fisker Atlantic

The Fisker Atlantic is a sports car which is sold as a plug-in hybrid since late 2012. Based on the chassis of the Fisker Karma is a sports car with the Atlantic emerged is the alternative to streamers like the Tesla Roadster or conventional sports cars like the Ferrari California. However, the four-door Fisker Atlantic offers space for up to four people and stylized almost to the sedan in the guise of a sports car, because in size comes the Fisker Atlantic closer to the dimensions of an Audi A5. Fisker typical of the Atlantic car is powered by a gasoline engine and electric motor. The petrol engine comes from BMW. It is a turbocharged four-cylinder that is not mechanically connected to the wheels and, like the Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Volt as a range extender acts. The drive is acting on the rear axle electric motors, an extra charge of Fisker Atlantic also comes with all-wheel drive from the California factory. From the factory, Fisker Atlantic is equipped with automatic climate control, crash-proof glass dome roof and many other assistance systems, ESP and ABS is self-evident in this class.