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The Chevrolet Tahoe SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) in Germany since 2006 in the third generation available. Overall, this well-known under his nickname Chevy Tahoe vehicle is offered since 1995. With a length of 5.13 meters, a width of 2.00 meters and a height of 1.95 meters, the new Chevrolet Tahoe is grown in all three dimensions, only the wheelbase remained the same with 2.94 meters. The Tahoe, which is also available as a Chevrolet pickup truck has the basic version of space for five people. However, the customer can optionally install a third rear seat, so that seven people can travel. The engine of the new Chevrolet Tahoe is a V8 engine with a displacement of four variants. Quite new is the 6.0-liter Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid with 332 hp. The American manufacturer will provide the customer with this new drive an environmentally friendly version of the SUV is available. Standard model is the Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3 with 320 hp and all-wheel drive. There is also a 295-hp 4.8-liter version and a 380-hp 6.2-liter version, which is only offered with a rear wheel drive. On a Chevrolet Tahoe Diesel waiting in vain so far. Fitted with a six-speed automatic Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid engine accelerates the 2.75-ton vehicle in just 8.2 seconds to 100 km / h, the maximum speed is reached at 170 km / h. By Chevrolet Tahoe tuning, as is common in the United States, however, the power can be increased. Particularly impressive is the Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Tahoe consumption. Unlike the competition from Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, this SUV impresses with a consumption of only 10.7 liters of Super per 100 kilometers. The standard 126-watt sound system with nine speakers and a 6-way amplifier, subwoofer, stereo radio cassette and CD player provides enough entertainment, such as a Chevrolet Tahoe test result has. In addition, Chevrolet Tahoe is easy to obtain through special accessories automobile importers.

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Paule 2014-01-30

Took Tahoe purposefully. Before this drove Land Cruiser. Watched any jeeps and SUV's - Toyota, German's cars, Ford and Chevy. Really liked the two machines Chevrolet Tahoe and Expedition. Took Tahoe in March 2006. While I don't change. Why? You just need to have a reliable service. About thos auto - only the pleasant word. Inside - as Turkish Delight and without noise. Large and management - as cycle. I have a daughter of 10 years and she has drove it yet! The benefit of installing the seat and steering wheel allow. About flow: the highspeed mode in the city - 30 above, at a reasonable driving ("stroking foot gas pedal") - 15-16, on the road of 110-120 km/h - 11.
Answer! Maximum speed on the M1 about 197 km/h. Dispersed once the sample in 2007 and is no longer practicing. Second only after the powerful and strong Cayenne sedans. But it is also logical. In short, instead of Tahoe can take only the new Tahoe. But that's just too glamorous new Tahoe...

Aurthor 2014-02-16

Long chose the car. Prior this I had Toyota Prado, 4 car. Last 120 body. I always thought that the more the machine and do not need, so Land Cruiser 200 not even considered. Many looked on the Internet, driving on the test drive. Chevrolet Tahoe and not even thinking. And then it happened, went to rest in the Emirates for the first time. Invited it to a "safari". Of the machines only Tahoe. Though local car praised. Specifically chose a trip on this car. Here a little hooked. Then he thought to himself for so : well if emiratovtsy on such travel , what with their loot when they can buy in any principle, then you need to look. Upon arrival, began to climb on sites to see. Most of the reviews are good, sometimes only found negative, very rarely. Decided to test drive to go. As passed, I realized: "stuck." From the car in delight! Prado from the side. Especially that Froggy 150 th appearance I do not like! So buy (June 2013) . Each dissuaded, yah, take 150. How then will sell? Yes, and tax more than 200. Understood that he was probably right, but the voice of reason has not listened, heart says take Tahoe! Well I like it!! Then I have often heard not very flattering about 200 and about 150 Prado. That creaks, the attachments flies. Almost one day took: 200 but I Tahu . Yes, interior finishing Tahoe loses 200 , without a doubt! But according to the classification of Americans Tahoe - light truck, so there have to be reconciled. And so on the road behaves perfectly. Car and enjoy more than the greater. Really agree with those who say that the car should try. Fall in love with her ​​first trip. The joke of course, but nice!

daddy 2014-03-08

I am the owner of my favorite three-door Chevrolet Tahoe for 12 years, it has never let me down, investments are reasonable for such years. And if more and hands with a normal place to grow, the machine is like gold! Once got into a serious accident, Tahoe a replacement frame, and I have a small scratch on his arm ...... Value, comfort, quality, reliability and perfect. Taha Taha only better ......... We went on and on real roads and off-road, where drowned Kruzak 200, and pulled out my Chevy Tahoe them, and without straining. Roads respect her, no one climbs ahead:)

love_tahoe 2014-04-29

Average fuel consumption of 14.2 liters. 100km on the combined cycle driving. Does not rattle, do not hold together, excellent rulitsya, playfully undermined from the start, and more space! Passable enough, loyal friend and faithful servant!:)

wooouuwwwoiii 2014-04-29

Complete delight and feeling of this boundless freedom! The only thing is small, perhaps you can make and wider.

dhurrset 2014-07-03

Tahoe for real men. On this machine you can go on forest roads fishing. You can arrange a family picnic (if the family agrees to shake with you) :) I passed her on the sandн beach, the roots of the trees, in the pits ..
I love this car, and if you need a trip on impassability - Tahoe for you.

Chevrolet Tahoe 5.2 AT 2006's buyer 2015-05-12

This is my second Tahoe 840. The first was before the upgrade of 2001.
The main thing that I want to see when the Americans came up with this machine, not thought that Russian would drive it, and even in snowdrifts waist-door! At this because of its portly heavyweight advise not to drive on snow-covered fields where himself at times you fail, you just sink Tahoe, will continue to only burn your gasoline trying to hustle, want to praise here in this issue Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota Prado, in the snowdrifts as if bathed !.
..on en-route, mud advantages of a frame car with all-wheel drive can only praise, praise and praise again!

adam 2015-05-12

I drove to Taha for almost two years, really like the machine! Indeed TANK!
About sizes, not smaller than Cruiser or Patrol! With that in US it's calls a small car!
Then someone threw a review that they say Chinese plastic smell, etc. - All this bullshit, nothing really there! Apparently review was "paid for".. The skin he did not like - like everywhere leatherette! A perforated leather not leatherette and not happen!
Yes, then this machine is not to boast, but for convenience! A comfortable enough.
At the same time it must be admitted, Americans love themselves and do not deny yourself the convenience!
Of course this machine is not luxury class, and it does not pretend!
I like all of these slicked salons do not need, I prefer the utility, reliability, power, without any ostentatious pseudo luxury!
At the same time we must not forget that Tahoe on the American classification equivalent to light trucks.