Geneva Motor Show 2014 Highlights from Geneva

Highlights from Geneva

Ironically, a micro car could outshine all the stars of the Geneva Motor Show. But the traditional luxury models not lacking in noble spring show in expensive Geneva.

At the Geneva Motor Show it's always something finer than to other auto shows. Advertise Also this year there luxury cars like the Mercedes S-Class Coupé and the McLaren 650S to solvente clientele. But this time, the visit also for the buyers of a small city cars worth especially.

Though lacking the Smart Fortwo that - at least from a German perspective - probably the most important new 2014er model of micro car class, but with the Renault Twingo is at least talk to the next of kin of the Stuttgart city car on the spot. The Frenchman will share the technology with the new Smart family and seems to be able to develop again as a charm that was lost in the transition from the first to the legendary staid second generation. Crunchy dimensions, a cute face and diverse customization options with body slides and accessories accessories distinguish the third generation of approximately 3.60 meters long five-door model. Add to that the assumed by the smart rear drive design, which promises plenty of space, especially in the interior.

A few meters further meets the smallest Renault also equal on competition - and in triplicate. Because after nearly nine years of construction, also replace Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen its jointly produced and developed compact car models. Aygo, 108 and C1 suggest likewise the way towards a lifestyle vehicle: In addition to a wide range of design options the customer can choose the future instead of the closed sedan also a kind convertible with roll roofing. Model for all four new small car models is therefore likely to be the Fiat 500, was the first person who has the lifestyle philosophy in the mini class to end. Whether the French and the Japanese also follow the ambitious pricing policy of the Italians, but is questionable. More likely is a positioning in the lowest price segment, with less than 10,000 euros. Significantly more likely to cost two New Crossover Minis: the Opel Adam Rocks as trendy SUV convertible version of the lifestyle small car and the mini SUV from Jeep that wants to bring a new edginess in the particular segment of cute shapes.

© Opel Opel puts Adam into a crossover version   That it is also a market for cars for ten times the price, the Geneva Motor Show is of course also. The most prominent starters in the luxury league, the S-Class Coupé from Mercedes. The self-drive version of the Executive Limousine are visually decidedly sporty and away more clearly than in the previous representative from the four-door. As a technical specialties the engineers have missed the landing gear, a novel curve tilt function that balances the centrifugal forces when cornering and will greatly improve the ride comfort. Can be tried out in the second half of the year when the V8 coupe rolls with prices starting at least 120,000 euros to the dealer. Is supplemented its fleet of exclusive vehicles on Lac Leman, among others from the mid-engine sports car McLaren 650S, Gallardo 's successor, the Lamborghini Huracan and the visually and technically revamped Ferrari California, which take the Italians after two decades pause a turbo model in the program.

But between the poles and luxury city car model 's New in Geneva. Thus, the third generation of the Audi TT, which continues to evolve to aggressive compact sports from rounded designer piece. Competitors BMW goes in the opposite direction and brings the 2er Active Tourer probably " unsportlichste " model of their own car to hit the market. Not only is the compact MPV, the first dedicated family car Munich, he waives as the first model to the dynamic driving fetish of the brand: the rear-wheel drive.

The technical highlights of the show is expected this year include the VW Golf GTE, the plug-in hybrid version of the compact bestseller, which aims to combine good performance with low fuel consumption. Where the Wolfsburg relies on expensive high-tech, another model is more inclined towards low-tech. The Citroen C4 Cactus dispense with unnecessary frills and superfluous convenience features such as mobile down rear window and instead harks back to the charm of simplicity - in the tradition of the duck. And the design is the compact SUV like the ideal predecessor quirky accents. Namely, in the form of bonded to the body airbags, which are designed to prevent costly repairs in parking accidents. Especially in Geneva, where like is parked on French style by ear, should find its fans.