These are the 20 best station wagons you can buy right now

Want to swim against the SUV current? Go for a much cooler and more efficient station wagon

'Small SUVs' appear to be selling best in Europe today, according to a study by Dataforce. It is therefore not surprising that almost all car brands focus on 'high' cars such as SUVs and crossovers. But fortunately, low, long family cars are not extinct yet. In fact, we would like to call on everyone to take themselves seriously as an enthusiast and go for a station wagon.

These are the twenty best station wagons that you can currently buy in the Netherlands. For each car we briefly explain why we have included the model in this list. Don't think of number 20 and number 1 as the worst and the best. It just depends on what you are looking for. To give an idea of the versatility: the cheapest car costs 33,490 and the most expensive costs 160,000 euros.

20. Opel Astra Sports Tourer

It is well priced (from 33,499 euros) when you consider how much car you get for the money you pay. The combustion engine is also quite efficient and refined. Isn't it economical for you? Then you can still exchange it for the Opel Astra Sports Tourer Plug-in Hybrid. The stretched Astra is also a beauty: Opel's design team has been doing well lately.

19. Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake

If we are objective, the Arteon Shooting Brake is simply a good car. It looks good, is comfortable, is well put together, has enough space. There is little to complain about a new price of at least 56,490 euros. You can be sure that no one will drive a new version. Volkswagen is discontinuing the Arteon.

18. Audi A6 Avant

The nice thing about the A6 Avant is that it makes sense to many people. It looks good, is well constructed, the comfort is excellent and it is extremely practical. Get one quickly for at least 67,710 euros before the electric A6 Avant e-tron arrives. Does it look a bit too ordinary? Then choose the S Edition Competition package for less than 2,000 euros extra.

17. Mercedes C-class Estate

The 'new' C-class Estate has now lasted two years. First a question for Mercedes: why? Why did you build this car and the PHEV version? Despite this, the Estate is a pleasant car to live with. The interior is comfortable and the technology is at the level of the S-class. You can pick it up at the Mercedes dealer for at least 57,570 euros.

16. Citroen C5

Citroën could just as well have called the C5 X Remi. He is all alone in the world because there are no cars like him. This does not mean that he has no rivals. For people considering buying one – people interested in affordable, big name brand drives or mid-size crossovers – the CX 5 provides value for money. It goes for at least 46,320 euros.

15. Skoda Octavia Combi

A free Top Gear tip: no matter what people say, you don't need a crossover. Not really. A station wagon like the Octavia uses its fuel quietly and is therefore cheaper to drive and more environmentally conscious, drives better and is just as practical as most crossovers. With a price from 34,990 euros, it also makes it difficult for many crossovers.

14. Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

Try to look past the clever styling and see a car that is completely focused on hybrid power, using every drop of fuel as if it were the last. The result is an average consumption of 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. A price tag of at least 35,795 euros is also not bad. Choose the 1.8-liter if you want maximum savings and the 2.0-liter for a smoother car.

13. MG 5 Electric

We're guessing the last few MGs you saw driving in the Netherlands weren't station wagons. The popular ZS and 4 require the most light from the Dutch spotlights. But don't forget this electric station wagon. It can travel 400 kilometers on a full battery, needs 40 minutes to charge to 80 percent and costs at least 35,885 euros.

12. Audi A4 Avant

It is Audi's smallest station wagon, this A4 Avant. It formed the basis of the family Audi until SUVs and crossovers spoiled the party. This A4 was launched in 2015 and was updated in 2019. If you already have an A4 in mind, choose the Avant instead of the Limousine. The Avant looks better and is more economical. So rather pay 50,006 euros for the Avant than 47,706 for the Limousine.

11. Peugeot 508 SW

Anyone who chooses the Peugeot 508 SW chooses with their heart rather than their head. You want one for its looks, its individualism, its chic Gaelic flair. The fact that the 508 SW has a large trunk and drives like one of the best station wagons of the moment is an added bonus. You would almost forget the price of at least 45,050 euros.

10. Cupra Leon Sports Tourer

If you think this is just a nicer Seat, then you are wrong. The Cupra Leon is fast, steers sharply and is beautifully progressive. In winter conditions it remains calm, it is usable and there is enough space. The driving position is great, especially after getting out of a crossover. The PHEV goes for at least 44,490 euros.

9. Kia Process

Okay, the Kia Proceed is not as sporty as its hatchback brother, but the station is the most attractive option of the Kia stations. The brand would like you to shop in the EV range, but if you want to keep refueling instead of charging, then you should have the Proceed. It costs at least 34,395 euros, slightly more expensive than the Ceed Sportswagon (27,895 euros) but cheaper than the Ceed SW PHEV (36,195 euros).

8. Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

The most complete Porsche Panamera since the introduction of the first Panamera. We dare to do that. There is more space for the occupants and in the trunk, but it is not suddenly a Volvo V90 rival. In terms of driveability, it is refined and comfortable. How Porsche has made the acceleration so relaxing is a mystery to us. It's yours for at least 160,000 euros.

7. Jaguar XF Sportbrake

The era of the petrol Jaguar is really over. With the F-Type ZP Edition, Jaguar really turns off the fuel tap. For the time being, you can still go to Jaguar for one of the best station wagons. Meet the XF Sportbrake. It received an update a while back, making the interior much better and the engines even softer. Perhaps the nicest station wagon to drive will cost you 86,558 euros in the Netherlands.

6. Volkswagen Golf Variant

A station wagon was also made from the eighth generation Golf, which is called 'Variant' in the Netherlands. Flattened, the Golf Variant is a Golf, but more practical than a crossover. So practical in fact that you might consider it. It's a bit of a shame that it is overshadowed by its Skoda brother, the Octavia. You can get a longer Golf for 37,240 euros. Take the plunge and go for the R-line that you see above for at least 41,290 euros.

5. BMW 5 Series Touring

You have to get up early in the morning to find fault with the 5 Series Touring. The new 5 Series is as good to drive as BMW promises, the ultimate driving machine. And yet it is as refined and luxurious as a Mercedes E-class. The 5-series starts from 67,597 euros. Or are you patient and would you rather wait for the electric i5 Touring?

4. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

In terms of raw figures, the station Taycan loses out to the E-class. In the rear, 405 liters fit in the trunk, while 640 liters fit in the Mercedes. But if you were already planning to go for a Taycan, this Cross Turismo offers that bit of extra versatility. It costs almost 10,000 more than the cheapest Taycan (98,600 euros compared to 109,000 euros for the Cross Turismo).

3. Mercedes E-class Estate

It is one of the newest cars in this list of the best station wagons. In June this year, Mercedes presented the new E-class Estate. Load the (smaller than before) trunk full of family items, set the navigation to Northern Italy and enjoy the trip. You can have one in the garage for at least 74,243 euros.

2. Skoda Superb Combi

There's enough room for five adults thanks to endless comfort, the trunk can swallow the whole of Luxembourg and you always get the handy 'Simply Clever' applications. Simply smart from Skoda. Wait until November 2023 and there will be a new Superb. If you can't wait, you can now put together a Superb Combi for at least 38,990 euros.

1. BMW 3-Series Touring

How else could we not label the 3 Series Touring, heavily related to the great M3 Touring, as one of the best estate cars? The extended 3 Series is the car that we can all use and want to use. In the Netherlands you pay at least 53,448 euros for the Touring. The M-series goes for more than double: 145,845 euros.