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After the Zuffenhausen Porsche Cayenne presented their second four-door Porsche Panamera named as a new car in 2010. A sports car with four doors is new and the target direction clear. The Porsche Panamera is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the offer Aston Martin Rapide and the BMW 7 Series stand up and gain new customers. The four-seater Gran Turismo is initially available in six variants, as Panamera S, Panamera 4S, Panamera GTS, Porsche Panamera Turbo and Panamera diesel, which brings in the 500 hp supercharged version of the performance level and is the flagship of Porsche. Since autumn 2010, the Turbo Panamara can be inflated to 540 hp on an in-house performance "Exclusive option". In this case, the torque increased from 700 to 750 Nm and the Porsche is 2 km / h faster than the series version. For a small budget, the sports car with sedan levels is not already designed, the top version reaches a top speed of 303 km / h, accelerates in 4.2 seconds to 100 Given this weight of 2 tons are remarkable performance values. The thirst of the cars at an average of 12.2 L/100 km, the driver steps on the accelerator but are also loose 20 l/100 km feasible. More economical, the General Porsche Panamera Diesel: The 250-hp diesel engine consumes on average 6.5 liters of diesel and still runs 242 km / h top. The interior leaves nothing to be desired and also in the rear two car seats that can accommodate it loose with the front seats. In general, the fund offers a space what one would hardly have expected and accommodates its passengers comfortable and safe. Uncommon for a Porsche: the trunk of the Porsche Panamera offers 445 liters of storage volume, which is quite a family needs. With the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, was a basic version of the Panamera, designed for the "smaller budget", which includes a 3.6-liter boxer engine and 300 hp. Compared with the Panamera S, the entry model is around 20,000 euros cheaper. With the first facelift in 2012, the Porsche Panamera car was adapted to the 991 series from the 911s. Front and rear are much leaner and therefore particularly at the rear of the sports car now looks much more homogeneous. All series engines were elicited some more hp.

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