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Jaguar related news

Maserati brings a 590-horsepower SUV

New York (USA), 29. March 2018 Maserati CEO Tim Kuniskis says it with plenty of Italian Pathos: "The Levant Trofeo is a proof that you can have a storm to conjure up, if you play with the elements." Wrong...

550 HP for the F-Pace

New York(USA)/Kronberg, 28. March 2018 Here is the latest proof for the SUV madness that has invaded the world. At the New York Auto Show in 2018 (28. March to 9. April), presented to Jaguar for its new...

David Brown Speedback Silverstone

Geneva (Switzerland), 9. March 2018 What micro Lino, reputation, and David Brown have in common? Now, all three are small-scale producers. And the Trio has to have cars in the program, reminiscent of historical...

Jaguar XJ6: single piece with music

Geneva (Switzerland), 7. March 2018 At Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works automotive dreams come true: whether it Is the posh restoration of the early Range Rover or the original replica of the Jaguar D-Type...

Jaguar I-Pace: All The Info

Graz (Austria), 1. March 2018 The hunt for Tesla is opened: as good as all the Premium brands bring in the next few years electric cars on the market that will provide you with the Products of Elon Musk...

Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio get the Nurburgring Edition

Frankfurt, 1. March 2018 Fans of the brand Alfa Romeo may at the Geneva auto salon 2018 (8. to 18. March) about two very special treat to look forward to. Before you freak out now: no, there is no new...

Jaguar D-Type: The Rebirth

Kronberg, 9. February 2018 Imagine that Mercedes would build spontaneously a few more copies of the 300 SL Gullwing. Excluded? Now, Jaguar is now doing something Similar: 62 years after the construction...

Crazy car collection in the public car Park

M√ľnchen, 8. February 2018 Here we have something that you don't get every day. Not even in places like Dubai, where Lamborghini Huracans as an everyday car will not be used to drive many kilometres on...

For the first time as a sports variant

Detroit (USA), 11. January 2018 Ford gave the Edge a Update and brings for the first time, a sporty ST Version on the market. In General, the SUVs of the brand is to come in the future, even in such sport...

EuroNCAP: New Results

Brussels (Belgium), 13. December 2017 15 cars: The European testing organization EuroNCAP has tested in December 2017, as many vehicles as never before to a crash test. It was not only about the performance...