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The Toyota Corolla produced since 1966 is still one of the most successful models of the Japanese car manufacturer. Already with the first-generation Corolla Toyota established a reputation for quality as well as affordable to manufacture automobiles. First, the Corolla has been replaced by the Toyota Auris on the main European markets since 2007, the Toyota Corolla Verso has also been made ​​for Europe. This model enjoys just with practically minded motorists popularity. The numerous Toyota Corolla used cars are offered in a variety of body styles : eg as a three - or five-door Toyota Corolla, a classic notchback sedan or as a practical Toyota Corolla Combi 1.6. The early summer of 2013 put the Toyota Corolla as a new car again. As a separate model is the best-seller based on a notchback sedan VW Jetta and the Ford Focus Defying. Since the Toyota Corolla was the current version already available in Asia and Russia, the sedan had to be changed only in details for the European market. Engine end has the Toyota Corolla on several diesel and gasoline engines with power range 110-177 hp range.

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Tyna 2015-06-10

Toyota Corolla 2015 release, 1.8 CVT.
Toyota completely disappointed, .... that was before, will not even compare. On the 500 km. That something was creaking at slow braking, went to the dealer .. changed blocks, the problem persists, the treatment of the same from the other owners were in the cabin, I was told that the request is made to clarify the reasons for the plant and why a month call and solve the problem ... and did not call, but the creaking stopped, it is not clear that it was. Inside the plastic creaks torpedo terrible and very dirty, and you touch a finger spot then do not clean cloth. Mileage is only in 1800, I do not know how to behave in the winter.

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