Renault Megane

The Renault Mégane a new or used car is the purpose weapon of the French automobile manufacturer Renault. Hardly any other vehicle there are so many body styles such as the innovative French. The compact car produced since 1995, since 2002 in the second generation - the third generation was followed in 2008. In addition to the sedan the purchaser of a new car, a Renault Megane Cabrio, a Renault Mégane Coupé (also provided as a sports version), a five-door and station wagon Van Renault Mégane to choose from. In addition, there is the very popular model since 2003, Renault Mégane CC, the coupe-cabriolet. Regarding the Renault engine has the compact car with a variety of petrol - and on diesel engines. The end of 2009, the sports car Renault Megane RS completes current model. Megane Coupe as the sportiest makes 250 hp and provides a top speed of 245 km / h Since the 2012 model year, three new ENERGY engines are ordered. Thus, the Megane can now be ordered with the dCi 110 engine. The 110-hp diesel engine requires 3.8 liters of diesel per 100 km CO ² emissions are 95 g / km. Also the new dCi 130 Renault Megane used cars can be moved with an average of 4.0 liters of diesel over 100 kilometers. Are completed, the Megane ENERGY engines from the new TCe 115 petrol engine. The 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine replaces the 1.6-and needs only 5.3 liters of Super per 100 kilometers. The CO2 emissions are significantly lower than the previous with 119 g / km. As part of the facelift of the Renault Megane car, evaluate a new front end with LED daytime running lights on the bestseller clear. Europe's best-selling compact car in Germany are offered in the equipment variants Authentique, Dynamique, Privilege, serial de Luxe and Special models in the Avantage and exception.