Alfa-Romeo 149

A new approach in the Golf class list the Alfisti since the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 with the Alfa Romeo 149 and thus obtain an alternative to Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus and Co. The new Italians with the red soul, sprayed with his charm and reflects an exceptional body shape that resembles, by design, a bit like the Alfa Romeo Mito. The interior of the 5-door Italian elegance prevails, everything is where it belongs. As the successor of the Alfa Romeo 147, who also wanted to teach the Volkswagen Golf, the fear, the Alfa Romeo 149 is based on the Fiat Bravo, therefore, only the form has been designed according to the exciting brand. The engines of the Alfa Romeo 149 include two four-cylinder turbocharged, which develop from 1400 and 1900 cm ³ Alfisti suitable for 120 and 150 hp. With both engines Alfa Romeo typical performances are possible. It is shifted by 6-speed manual or automatic transmission with sequential shift paddles. The top model, the Alfa Romeo 149 GTA, makes from his rich V6 turbo 265 hp, but appears only in the fall of 2010. Beautiful middle-class cars from Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, or a Renault Megane as cars, used cars or new cars, see Germany's largest car - Online Exchange this website in various outfits and engines.