Geneva Motor Show 2014 New and important

New and important

The Geneva Motor Show sets the pace for the rest of the automotive year. This time it 's not just sporty and fast, but also agile and quick as a flash to the point. Because in addition to the usual sports cars are this time the city cars in focus.

The car spring traditionally begins in Geneva. But he does not start the same and just this year is in the dozens world premieres quite a bit different. Among the many innovations are not all important. These are but definitely:

Especially for the buyers of a small city cars to the visit on Lac Leman 's worth this year. Though lacking the Smart Fortwo - which presents itself in the summer off the fair - hype - the city car per se, but at least the relevant competition is forming now. The Renault Twingo is as ever the next of kin of the Stuttgart city car on the spot. The Frenchman will share the technology with the new Smart family and developed so again a charm that was lost in the transition from the first to the legendary staid second generation. Crunchy dimensions, a cute face and diverse customization options with body slides and accessories accessories distinguish the third generation.

© PeugeotDer Peugeot 107 to 108   A few meters further meets the smallest Renault also equal on competition - and in three ways. Because after nearly nine years of construction, also replace Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen its jointly produced and developed micro-car models. Aygo, 108 and C1 suggest likewise the way towards a lifestyle vehicle: In addition to a wide range of design options the customer can choose the future instead of the closed sedan also a kind convertible with roll roofing. With open-air experience even the Opel Adam Rocks wants to score, an upgraded with off-road look and lifestyle folding roof version of the Rüsselsheim Fiat 500 competitors. In the 150 hp sports version shown also on site of Adam makes equal the tuned Abarth models of the Italian competition. Where we are on the Fiat group: Daughter Jeep presents in Geneva before his first mini-SUV. The Renegade sets instead of the usual in this class Kindchenschema on robust box shape and - at least optionally - die-hard off-road technology.

The fact that the SUV boom still far from being exhausted, also shows the new BMW X4, a sort of coupe derivative of the middle class model X3. Model is the X6, the sporty interpretation of the large SUV X5, which enjoy enormous popularity especially in the U.S.. However, the Munich copy not only themselves, but bring to the 2er Active Tourer also a revolutionary new model on the market. At least for the own brand, in which the often scorned as Pampers - bomber family cars were previously taboo. Just as the front-wheel drive, which the compact van is the first model of the brand.

While BMW therefore focuses primarily on new bodies, one has dedicated VW especially the technology under the sheet. The Wolfsburg make their first plug-in hybrids before based on the Golf, but not only to save, but with 204 hp is really strong too. Therefore, the five-door must bear the initials GTE, which is reminiscent not accidental to the conventional sports models GTI and GTD. Even daughter, Audi is also sports and provides among other things the new TT. The coupe is drawn once more sharper compared to its predecessor and comes up with a new cockpit that instead of analog instruments only offers a large color screen that combines the functions of the speedometer and Co. with those of navigation and infotainment.

In Geneva, there are also back right auto luxury to admire. The most prominent starter in the car - upper house is the S-Class Coupé from Mercedes. The self-drive version of the Executive Limousine are visually decidedly sporty and away more clearly than in the previous representative from the four-door. As a technical specialties the engineers have missed the landing gear, a novel curve tilt function that balances the centrifugal forces when cornering and will greatly improve the ride comfort. Is supplemented its fleet of exclusive vehicles on Lac Leman, among others from the mid-engine sports car McLaren 650S, Gallardo 's successor, the Lamborghini Huracán and the visually and technically revamped Ferrari California, which take the Italians after two decades pause a turbo model in the program.