The BMW X4 is an SUV built on the basis of the X3, but much more individuality and wit, as the model for sporty drivers Brother offers. The BMW produced in Spartanburg, USA X4 cars deemed Bavarian answer to Porsche Cajun, Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz MLC class. Unlike the BMW X3 base, the BMW X4 will be sold as a pure three-door and is a big plus in sportiness in the SUV segment enable ' s. The styling of the BMW X4 cars reminiscent of the X6, however, this new SUV rolls much crouching on the streets. Sure, the BMW X4 is not a family van and is more likely for a successful entry into the class of the premium SUV ' s For this, the engines in the BMW X4. In addition to a diesel engine, it is primarily the gasoline engines that are up to 400 hp complete the sporty appearance of the BMW X4. The features of this SUV can hardly be desired: In series, the BMW X4 has new cars through various assistance systems, 8 airbags and four-wheel drive xDrive is integrated into the vehicle from the factory.