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Do you really get carsick more quickly in an electric car? And why?

Ironically, the positives of an EV are the main culprits

A quick look at the comment fields on the internet shows that enough people are sick of all this nonsense about electric cars. But apparently…


500,000 euros worth of Teslas deliberately burned down because the brand is 'the enemy'

Climate activists also don't think EVs are that clean at all

"Haha, another bunch of fairground cars pressing the self-destruct button," we hear the EV haters think. This time it's different. The fire…


Will car-free Sunday return to the Netherlands?

It should be good for togetherness

Make no mistake: a car-free Sunday is held almost every week in several Dutch villages. Sometimes the car-free Sunday is on Tuesday or Thursday. And that without…


Even car buyers are now trying to swindle things with a cunning trick

Shady car buyers, they exist too

You hear enough about car salesmen trying to fake things, but it also happens the other way around. The Belgian Nieuwsblad


You may soon be able to buy an extra axle from Ford to make a 6×6 yourself

The extra axle could then have an electric motor to turn your Ford into a PHEV

When you think of a pick-up with six wheels, you quickly think of the G-class, but Ford's showpiece is also available…


The outdated German Autobahn now causes a completely different climate problem

Do climate activists actually want to invest in the Autobahn?

The German Autobahn has been a thorn in the side of the green parties for years. The 'Valhalla for speed riders' (which in reality is one…


Honda Civic spectacularly breaks its oil pan at the Nürburgring

The drivers behind him are having a hard time with the puddle of oil

The Adenauer Forst curve combination is the most underestimated curve of the Nordschleife. Not that the corner is not praised enough,…


Volkswagen with pick-up concept to São Paulo

In about a week, in Brazil, the São Paulo International Motor Show to start. Volkswagen brings a study model with which the brand vooruitblikt on a new compact pick-up.

Volkswagen shows a designschets…


Volkswagen announces new mobility plan to

The Volkswagen Group announced during a private Smart Mobility Summit 2018 in the Israeli Tel Aviv a new mobility plan. About a little more than three years should be the very first autonomous mobile…


Acura RDX prepped for SEMA

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is in full swing and that means that we still are not relieved of platgemepte and developed models. Acura stores under other joined hands with IndyCar driver Graham Rahal.…