Auto news

Ferrari 296 Challenge loses electric motor, license plate and 130 hp

Specially for Ferrari's own racing class

You could previously read here about the Ferrari 296 GT3: a racing car based on the hybrid 296…


This great Koenigsegg Jesko Attack is the first Jesko in the Netherlands

1,600 hp strong powerhouse coming to you

For three years we have refreshed our online and offline inboxes every day to see if it is already there. Today the day has finally arrived. In 2020 we heard…


The trailer for a film about Enzo Ferrari bodes well

The film will premiere early next year

The Italian summer, 1957. Enzo Ferrari is having a hard time. His car company is in the red, his marriage to his wife Laura


This is why BMW is no longer interested in F1

Does BMW want to take on Audi and GM?

In addition to Lamborghini, Alpine and Aston Martin, BMW will also be a newcomer…


This month you can download Farming Simulator 22 for free

Mowing, threshing, chopping: it's all possible

Do you find it difficult to empathize with the political positions of Dutch farmers? Perhaps an afternoon of Farming Simulator 22 will provide more insight.…


Red Bull flies over the city center with a special F1 car for the American GP

Red Bull going to Red Bull

This, folks, is how you announce a special paint scheme. We usually ignore a lick of paint here or an extra sticker there, but…


The Fiat Multipla is back for once as a 6×6

Not with six wheels, but with six chairs

Computer company Apple launches the first iMac, Celine Dion tops the charts with My Heart Will Go On…


Toyota is participating in the upcoming Dakar Rally with this hydrogen buggy

Not hydrogen-electric, but a four-cylinder with supercharger

First of all, apologies for the poor footage. For nicer (or even more) pictures…


Italdesign takes an Audi concept car from the past and turns it into a new model

The Italian design house plays the ace of spades to celebrate 50 years of 'Asso di Picche'

Say hello to this new '2+2 coupe' that will not go into production (for now). It is a digital concept


Mercedes is working on special airbags for self-driving cars

How do we protect people who lie in the front instead of sitting?

Many things will change in cars once they can drive themselves. Soon you will no longer have to be physically present to take your…