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The Toyota FT-Se is the precursor to an electric Celica

How realistic is the idea of a new Celica?

Akio Toyoda is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors and a part-time driver. Last week the ex-Toyota boss dropped…


BMW will again offer a cheap, electric entry-level model with the Neue Klasse

There will be a successor to the i3, but better looking

BMW has been working on electric cars since 2007. The brand started with a cheap entry-level model: the BMW i3. When we first drove it ten years…


Porsche wants to keep the manual gearbox in the 911 'as long as possible'

Porsche customers want to switch gears themselves, but how long will that be possible?

The vast majority of car brands are putting all their chips on EVs, but this does not immediately mean the end…


Don't underestimate this white Opel Kadett GSi at the traffic lights (900 hp!)

Grab a Dodge Challenger at the drag strip

900 hp in an old Opel Kadett? Sounds like a cheat code in a tasteful racing


Should F1 introduce mandatory pit stops before every race?

In Qatar the drivers were required to stop three times. Do we want to see that more often?

No, we didn't always watch the Qatar GP with a big grin. After the Mercedes collision the…


How many bitcoins do you need to buy a Ferrari?

Early next year you can take your digital ducats to Ferrari dealers

Car brands also realized that cryptocurrency is not a one-hit wonder. Elon Musk was mainly concerned with the Dogecoin, but also…


Can you get a fine for driving with an open tailgate?

And how far can your load extend?

Unfortunately, the human brain is not equipped with an imaginary ruler. As a result, we sometimes overestimate the length of our cars. When an object such as a pine…


BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupé review: Improved 8 Series feels right at home on the track

The versatile B8 shows why we will miss 'the Alpina recipe'

Previously you could read about our outing at Zandvoort with the B5 GT Touring,…


The racing game Beetle Adventure Racing should actually have been a Need for Speed

A surprisingly good racing game with a surprising protagonist

One of the joys of playing racing games is that you get the opportunity to drive


The car world is full of restomods, but this is the best of them all

There have been more and more restomods popping up lately, Chris notes. But there is one that stands out

The restomod scene is starting to show traffic jams; the Monday rush…