Red Bull flies over the city center with a special F1 car for the American GP

Red Bull going to Red Bull

This, folks, is how you announce a special paint scheme. We usually ignore a lick of paint here or an extra sticker there, but the way Red Bull is showing off its special F1 car for the 2023 American GP deserves some attention. Red Bull literally flew the RB19 over Austin and then showed it to a shocked Ricciardo, PĂ©rez and Verstappen.

The minimal adjustments were made by Franco Cavallone. Like 1,999 others, he took part in the 'Make Your Mark' campaign. Fans could design a special F1 car for the races in America (Miami, Austin and Las Vegas) on the Red Bull website. Cavallone won with his sketch in which the lines and colors of the Circuit of The Americas are clearly reflected.

The winner was flown in by Red Bull, but not in the way the RB19 itself ended up in Austin. In the video below you can see how the modified F1 car flies over the Texan capital. Good work again from the RB marketing department. There will also soon be a special livery for the last race in North America, the Las Vegas GP. By the way, you can no longer send designs.

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