The Fiat Multipla is back for once as a 6×6

Not with six wheels, but with six chairs

Computer company Apple launches the first iMac, Celine Dion tops the charts with My Heart Will Go On and Ford wants to take over Volvo for almost 5 billion euros. We are of course talking about the year 1998. But the biggest news from that year is of course the new Fiat model. A family car called Multipla has not two, but three seats in the front. Designer Roberto Giolito is very proud of the 3+3 seating arrangement.

Even 25 years later, we still regularly talk about the Multipla. Not in the way Giolito intended, we think, but still. The family car is now half an Abraham and that is worth celebrating. Stellantis' Heritage department puts Roberto Giolito to work building one more example of the car, the Fiat Multipla 6×6.

Six chairs for six different people

Furthermore, Giolito has grown within Stellantis to become chairman of Stellantis Heritage. For the anniversary of the Multipla, Giolito likes to dust off his brushes. He draws the car as you know it, but indicates who belongs in the car. The six figures represent 'the six ways of perception' according to the designer. You can also see the drawing on the hood.

The six figures are: the adventurer, the baby, the manager, the woman who is attractive to an elegant man, the monk and the young hippie. “It is a cheerful tribute in typical Fiat style to a model that continues to attract interest and inspire new ways of transporting people,” Giolito continues.

The Fiat Multipla 6×6 can be seen at the Milan car show from November 17 to 19. After this, the car will be sold "to a collector who is passionate about imaginative and unconventional Italian design," says Stellantis. We do not think this is a list that you must meet in order to bid, but a description of the person who has already paid for the last Multipla. Too bad, otherwise we could have made a nice offer.