Honda Insight

The Honda Insight, which is being built since 1999 as a two-seat hybrid car fitted with three-cylinder combustion engine and electric motor on the crankshaft, the new series was the second Generation in April 2009 at the start. Me this new generation of hybrid cars Honda Insight, introduced the Japanese before their mobile future in the car. The new Honda Insight is a completely new car in the second edition. Formerly known as the three-door way now offers the Honda Insight five-door variant of a vehicle that can carry the whole family and is very economical to move. When engine is a 1.3-liter four-cylinder Honda Insight developed for the use of 88 hp. Will support the gasoline engine from a 14 hp electric motor, which is also fed by the brake recovery system and brings its power in conjunction with the gasoline engine to the wheels. Thanks to the hybrid technology, the Honda Insight is to consume only 4.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km and brings it to a stately speed of 182 km / h (factory specifications). Wishes to contact the Honda Insight, in addition to his house to the Civic hybrid competitors, especially against the Toyota Prius. The standard features of the base model of the Honda Insight is powered windows, air conditioning and central locking on radio find, like the Honda VSA stability program. At the IAA 2011, the 2009 model underwent a revision, which can be seen on the vehicles since February 2012. In addition to an appreciation of the interior has been raised over the new suspension stability of the hybrid vehicle. The gasoline engine, the Insight also been revised and now emits only 96 grams of CO ² per kilometer. On a new engine management CONSUMPTION of the Honda Insight could also be reduced by 10%. About the equipment lines Elegance and Comfort additional amenities such as MP3 radio, rain sensor or alloy wheels for the Honda Insight can be ordered.