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Woman steals bus from postal worker, forgets to fasten seat belt and is thrown from bus

The door of the delivery van that is almost always open appears to have an additional function

In the world we live in now, you…


Environmentalists protest against expansion of German Tesla factory

Conservationists apparently don't want any more Teslas on the road

A special development in the Grünheide district of Berlin. There, environmental association…


Ford gives British company permission to build its own electric Mustang Fastback

Charge Cars may hand-make an electric Fastback for 'several years'

Charge Cars – a tech company based near London's Heathrow Airport – has been given a free pass to revive the 1967 Ford Mustang


American drives 56 km/h too fast, gets speeding fine of 1.4 million dollars

What? 1.4 million? Fortunately, he does not have to pay the fine amount

When you think of a 'super speeder' you are more likely to think of a weekend at ADE than of a speeding fine. Yet that is what…


Toyota uses new yoke as 'motorcycle steering wheel' and removes pedals

You accelerate and brake with your hands

Car interiors will change drastically in the coming years. Because once self-driving cars are available, things like pedals and a steering wheel will no longer…


This is how you open an Audi e-tron when the battery is empty

There seems to be a secret key for it

You dutifully charge your Audi e-tron before you go on holiday. You can charge it while you enjoy the Spanish sun for a few weeks. When you return you expect a…


Verstappen wins the 2023 American GP after an entertaining battle with Norris and Hamilton

Verstappen faces a bit more competition, but still wins

After good defensive work just after the start against Leclerc, Max Verstappen was able to easily drive to victory yesterday. Okay, Lewis Hamilton…


Looking for station wagons in America with the Audi RS 6

How popular are station wagons actually in the land of SUVs and pick-ups?

America is the spiritual father of the SUV. The pick-up is king there. But the car those two swallowed up, the traditional…


The electric car brings back the romance of road tripping in the past

Sam Philip, TGTV's scriptwriter, goes on an adventure. An electrically powered adventure indeed. We wish him luck

I have a soft spot for the idea of a 1920s road trip. If it involves some crazy aristocrats,…