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What time does F1 start at Suzuka? And everything about the 2023 Japanese GP

Will Red Bull become champion this weekend?

For the first time this year we saw what F1 would look like if Verstappen and Red Bull were not involved. After a lengthy strategic battle, the Singapore…


Alfa Romeo is working on another supercar based on an old model

A successor to the 33 Stradale will be available in 2026

Using old designs to make new cars look great. Lotus shows that it is possible with the Type 66. Alfa Romeo does the same with the…


Dutchman crashes hard with Porsche into tree, but does not want the ambulance to be called

Not even if one of the occupants is seriously injured

Residents of Delden in Twente were startled by a big blow on Saturday evening. Next to the N740 between Bentelo and Delden, a Porsche 911 crashed…


The special reason why the curbs at Suzuka are black and yellow this year

You will see them during the upcoming F1 sessions

You will probably notice that the curbs in Suzuka are partly painted black and yellow this year. The curbs are colored red and white throughout the…


Fiat 600e: 1st driving impression – Does it have enough to match the success of the 500?

Our first kilometers with the big brother of the 500e

Top Gear is just getting out of the new Fiat 600e. You can read our full test report in our November issue (in stores at the end of October); now…


Audi is changing the name structure again, with one very important change

The A4 and A6 will soon no longer be the cars you know

The German brands in particular have lost their way a bit when it comes to car names. For several years now you have no longer been able to tell…


Why Mercedes wants the European Union to leave the Chinese brands alone

Mercedes does not want competition from China to be slowed down

If your nephew opened a lemonade stand on his street, he probably wouldn't mind if you parked your car in front of the boy next door's…


Shady G-class seller accidentally wins his own auction (and it costs him dearly)

He tried to jack up the price and succeeded a little too well

Claiming that the car has always belonged to an elderly person whose genes have been passed on for two generations is not always enough…


This is everything you need to know about the new Volkswagen Tiguan

The best-selling Volkswagen of recent times has been completely renewed

It is not the Golf or the Volkswagen Polo that is nowadays the most sought-after model from Wolfsburg. The…


Disgruntled Swedish man attacks police cars with a shovel

Got out of bed on the wrong side, Sven?

In 2015, an American psychologist came to the conclusion that shopping with your partner at Ikea could mean the end of your relationship. Perhaps that is why…