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Video: See how a motorcycle agent shows countless links on the A9

Finally a little justice

The large handbook of frustrated motorists contains a few tactics that you can apply if you see someone unnecessarily driving left. For example, you can overtake and clear a…


The special reason why the lighting of the new Dutch toll road has already been adjusted

Rijkswaterstaat uses the 'Batlamp'

Even before the new Maas delat tunnel is open for traffic, the first adjustment is already a fact. The already…


Video: enjoy 15 minutes of the clumsiness of Dutch road users

Among other things of this Nissan Crashqai

Tasty, just fifteen minutes of quietly judging about what other people listen in the car. Oh, and see the clumsy handling of other Dutch people.…


You can now ride the 24 hours of the Nürburgring in Assetto Corsa Competizione

Roast your weekend free

Ask your grandfather if you can borrow some of its incontinence diapers, take a load of energy drink and schedule a weekend off, because you can now ride the 24 hours of the Nürburgring…


Lancia wants to go back in rally sport, but under one condition

The return of the Stratos? Or would you prefer an Ypsilon HF?

Lancia is completely back. Not only is the new Ypsilon available outside its own national borders, HF logo…


There is only one brand that can beat Tesla in terms of car buying in the Netherlands

The Pure EV brand against the EV-Skeptic

Now that March is over, we know how many new cars were sold in the first quarter of 2024. In the Netherlands there are more than 000 of which is almost 30


What time does F1 start on Suzuka? And everything about the GP of Japan 2024

Can Verstappen recover after his failure?

After just six minutes of twelve seconds, the Australia GP was over for Max Verstappen. Because the caliper grabbed the brake disc at the start of the race,…


Hyundai comes up with fun trick to make silent electric racers more interesting

Makes it more fun for spectators along the circuit

When you are next to the job at an F1 race, you must have particularly good ears, if you want to hear the engine sound when Max Verstappen is nearby.…


Video: riding in the Bugatti car of 4 million euros with 600 hp

Andy Wallace shows what the car has in his march

The Bugatti car is disturbed. Not only because of his appearance, but because he uses Bugatti's sample of a motor: the 600 hp 8.0-liter W16 engine with…


We know for sure what Max Verstappen is not going to miss on Honda

Ford will do this much better ...

You have the first Dutch F1 world champion ever who…