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Police warn of new scams at unmanned gas stations

It's happening in the US now, but it could happen here too

Police in the US warn of a new method used by scammers at unmanned gas stations. For the time being, there are no reports from the Dutch police…


The only Saab EX Prototype in the world can be yours (and it can still hit the road)

This unique Saab Ex Prototype is for sale in Belgium

Saab dealers do good business in the Netherlands. Every month nice examples come here from abroad that, not coincidentally, are old enough to fall…


In this exceptional case, you as a passenger can also receive a (hefty!) speeding fine

A backseat passenger even received a fine of 2,000 euros

Look, this is how we can close the budget deficit: if the police only start picking coaches off the road, they can issue ninety


Buying tip: This special Volkswagen T1 combination also has an Audi S3 engine

Something different than a Hymer

A Volkswagen T1 that performs a permanent polonaise with a second T1, that is special enough. But if the big pacesetter of the whole is a more modern Audi S3 engine,…


These cool cars will never be tax-free again due to the new rules (but there is good news)

They were built exactly too late

If the Budget Day plans go ahead, there will be no more cars exempt from road tax from January 1, 2028. Only cars from before 1988 are still allowed to pass tax-free.…


Owning a classic car could become considerably more expensive from 2028

If you have a vintage car that runs on LPG, you're in for a treat

Certainly not everyone born in 1983 will have been looking forward to their birthday this year. The fortieth anniversary is something…


Are you finding F1 a bit boring lately? Then, according to Verstappen, you are 'not a real fan'

Clear language from the driver

The organization behind the GP of the Netherlands recently proudly shared that interest in tickets for the next two editions is 'greater than ever'. We are curious what…


The combustion engine ban has been postponed in the UK (and not everyone is happy)

Manufacturers are given five years extra time

The United Kingdom is postponing the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars for five years. The ban was originally scheduled to take effect in 2030,…


Alfa Romeo is working on another supercar based on an old model

A successor to the 33 Stradale will be available in 2026

Using old designs to make new cars look great. Lotus shows that it is possible with the Type 66. Alfa Romeo does the same with the…


Fiat 600e: 1st driving impression – Does it have enough to match the success of the 500?

Our first kilometers with the big brother of the 500e

Top Gear is just getting out of the new Fiat 600e. You can read our full test report in our November issue (in stores at the end of October); now…