The trailer for a film about Enzo Ferrari bodes well

The film will premiere early next year

The Italian summer, 1957. Enzo Ferrari is having a hard time. His car company is in the red, his marriage to his wife Laura is not going well and his son Dino died a year ago due to a serious muscular disease. To make something of the car brand and the racing team, Ferrari focuses on one race: the 24th (and last, as it turns out) edition of the Mille Miglia.

You just read briefly what Michael Mann's film Ferrari is about. Mann used the book Enzo Ferrari – The Man and the Machine by Brock Yates as inspiration. To get you excited for the film - as if that were still necessary - the filmmakers share a trailer. The first images bode well. We see old Ferraris racing through the city center, wife Laura Ferrari pointing a gun at Enzo and a racing car flying through the air.

Il Commendatore is played by Adam Driver and the role of driver Piero Taruffi is played by Patrick Dempsey. Your wife knows Dempsey as Derek from Grey's Anatomy. Ferrari can be seen in cinemas from January 25, 2024. Watch the trailer for the film about Enzo Ferrari below.