Italdesign takes an Audi concept car from the past and turns it into a new model

The Italian design house plays the ace of spades to celebrate 50 years of 'Asso di Picche'

Say hello to this new '2+2 coupe' that will not go into production (for now). It is a digital concept by Italdesign based on the Audi Asso di Picche from 1973. Is your Italian no longer what it used to be? Loosely translated, the name means 'ace of spades'. Quick calculators have already realized that the old concept car is now indeed 50 years old. Enough reason for Italdesign to create a new concept based on that of Audi.

The study model from the 1970s was also drawn by Italdesign and, according to the artists, is 'a design study for a sporty 2+2 coupe that uses the chassis and mechanics of an Audi 80'. Unfortunately, there was never a production model. The new design should represent an electric version. Its name is the Asso di Picche in Movimento, which means 'ace of spades in motion'.

Aerodynamics are more important than comfort, Italdesign believes

Apparently it's built on a next-gen platform and is 'shaped by the concepts of safety and electrification'. It measures 4.5 meters in length, is 1.2 meters high and just under 2 meters wide. The aluminum body, with polycarbonate windows, cuts through the air in an aero-efficient manner, according to Italdesign.

There is tinted glass on top to protect the occupants from the sun. The mirrors are of course cameras. In the front there is a frunk that fits two suitcases. If it were up to Italdesign, your attention would mainly go to the bottom. The new logo of the design house is incorporated into the rear light. It should 'announce the design identity of the car', they say.

In the cabin you will find bucket seats and a built-in aroma diffuser (because why would you buy another tree like that?). Furthermore, an ultra-thin display runs across the dashboard. But remember: comfort is secondary to aerodynamics, according to the designers. We are curious which Audi concept car the Italians will renovate in 2073.