Ferrari 296 Challenge loses electric motor, license plate and 130 hp

Specially for Ferrari's own racing class

You could previously read here about the Ferrari 296 GT3: a racing car based on the hybrid 296 GTB. Ferrari removed the electric motor from the hybrid drivetrain and the lone V6 engine produced 663 hp. Now Ferrari is also building a special 296 for the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. Ferrari's pride is at stake, so the power went up.

Before we start about that, let's first see what has changed on the 296. What is immediately noticeable are all the aero flaps and that gigantic rear wing. According to Ferrari, the 296 Challenge can generate 870 kilos of downforce when the spoiler is in 'attack mode'. There are also carbon-ceramic brakes, improved ABS from the GTB and 19-inch Pirelli tires specially developed for the Challenge.

Specifications of the Ferrari 296 Challenge

Ferrari likes to mention that the 296 is the first Challenge car with a V6 engine with a 120 degree angle. It produces 700 hp and 740 Nm. This makes it 130 hp weaker than the three-ton road car. By the way, it is 37 hp stronger than the GT3. You can see it in action for the first time on the circuit in Mugello between October 24 and 30.