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Filerecord for this year

He was already coming up and now is really established: the filerecord for this year is broken. In total we were this morning, about 970 kilometres of quiet, with the wipers in the highest score The…


Volkswagen with three Jetta's to SEMA

Volkswagen, on the American tuning fair SEMA loose with the new Jetta. The brand is partnered with three different tuners and leave at the event in Las Vegas three special Jetta's.

We begin as Volkswagen…


Jaguar celebrates F-Type Checkered Flag

The introduction of the XK120 is in 2018, seventy years behind us, and that is for Jaguar reason for a party. The brand celebrates seventy years of sportsmanship with, how can it be otherwise, a sporty-decorated…


Honda with Ridgeline camping at Sema

After "the big American three" let now Honda what to hear about his line-up for the upcoming Sema show in Las Vegas. The biggest scoop remains under the cap, but campers can dream away with the Ridgeline…


Look to the Future: Peugeot 208

Peugeot-lovers have a large red circle to the first two weeks of march next year. Peugeot sets during the upcoming edition of the Geneva motor Show namely very likely the brand-new 208 to the world!…


Porsche 911 993 'Project Gold' sold

Two months ago Porsche Classic during the Monterey Car Week, to be precise, at the Concours d'elegance of Pebble Beach, a special 993. The gold car is now sold for a staggering 2.7 million euros.…


59 km electric with the BMW 3-series plug-in

At the presentation of the new BMW 3-series, it became apparent that a plug-inhybride version will appear. It is now clear how far this car purely on electricity should be able to come.

BMW gives…


Volvo EV-offensive upcoming

While we were in Los Angeles getting acquainted with the new Volvo S60, we pick up immediately was the image of the brand. With the coming SPA2-platform are the electric roads paved.

It seems as…


Background: the inventor of the traffic rules

Rules are rarely fun, but without restraints would the traffic be chaos, and that was the ever. To an American businessman the gang in the street got sick and the road traffic regulations invented.…


Ahead of his time: Citroën Cactus

In this section we look not for, but backward, through the eyes of imaginary designers who long ago was a foresight. Today in the latest edition: the Citroën C4 Cactus from 1962.

In the cinemas running…