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Can you use high beams to overtake at the Nürburgring?

For when the person in front of you is sleeping, for example

Whatever kind of car you drive, we strongly recommend a tour of the Nordschleife. It is one of the few places where…


Bowler Defender review: A kind of Defender GT3 RS that goes everywhere

You can take it to the supermarket and participate in rally competitions

'We desperately need rain' – these are words we in Scotland did not expect to hear anytime soon. Happy, the theme song from…


View a crash test with a Mercedes EQS SUV and a Mercedes EQA here

For the first time, we can watch a double crash test with EVs

Mercedes deliberately crashes three cars every day, resulting in more than 900 Mercs being destroyed every year. The most recent crash…


Opel boss confirms: 'We will definitely build a new electric Manta'

The legendary model will return in a few years

With more than a million copies sold in eighteen years, we can label the Opel Manta as successful. The popularity was revived…


Honda employees are bored and convert the Acura Integra into a rally car

A project of the Honda of America Rally Team

A bunch of employees at the Honda Automotive Development Center in Raymond, Ohio, had had enough of working on sensible SUVs. It was time to have some fun…


Volvo shows how aerodynamic trucks can be with the SuperTruck 2

The truck has a special cabin and a boat tail

In 2016, ministers from the US Department of Energy challenged Volvo to build the most efficient truck possible. To make it measurable, the ministry wanted…


Belgian GP contract extended until 2025

Spa will stay for the time being, but why does it only get one extra year?

The future of the Belgian F1 race seemed to hang by a…


British company lets your old Porsche 911 rev up to 12,000 rpm

For the air-cooled 911s, because those are the real ones

Ask a self-proclaimed Porsche expert what a real 911 entails. If he doesn't mention an air-cooled engine within 3.5 seconds, it's…


Meet the Kia EV3, EV4 and EV5: the latest, cheaper electric Kias

More SUV choices and a sedan idea

Kia has really mastered the whole 'building electric cars' thing. The brand is launching a new production model called EV5 during the 'Kia…


Mazda calls electric MX-5 'a possibility' after mysterious teaser

The boss of the powertrains updates us

Mazda is actively considering whether there should be an electric MX-5. This is confirmed by the head of powertrain development, Kato Matsue to Top Gear. It would…