Auto news

The new BMW X2 is faster than the first electric iX2

It's yours for less than 60,000 euros

This is it: the completely new, second generation of the BMW X2. Just like most BMWs today, it sneaks up on you from behind and…


Mercedes-AMG goes public with a documentary about the One

Project One did not run smoothly, to say the least

When you promise someone to pay 2.275 million euros, you expect them to keep their word. Mercedes was unable to fulfill its previous agreements with…


FIA boss wants fewer races on the F1 calendar, GP of Austria and Qatar in danger

The FIA boss is done with the hassle surrounding track limits

What will we all remember from the Qatar GP? Verstappen's championship and the extreme heat…


Is this really the last version of the Audi TT?

Audi previously released the 'Final Edition'

Calling a car the 'Final Edition' raises the suspicion that the model will soon be finished. Stupid as we are, we assumed that the Audi TT Final Edition


This 'Ferrari-like' off-roader was once a Mazda MX-5 and can now be yours

It comes from Japan, so it is a Eunos off-Roadster

Is it an MX-5? Is it a fake Ferrari 250 GTO? The answer: a little bit of both, topped off with a dash of…


Nissan Hyper Adventure is an electric concept car that wants to go on an active holiday

The second Nissan concept for the fair in Japan wants to go out

The nice thing about car shows is – or actually was, now that there are so few fairs left – seeing brand new cars with your…


Volkswagen T2 bus gets Coyote V8 engine from Ford Mustang (580 hp!)

“I had to have a Coyote,” explains the owner

Could Ben Pon have dreamed about an American V8 when he drew the iconic Volkswagen van? If so, his dream will now…


Porsche is building an electric boat with Frauscher costing more than half a million euros

With the powertrain of the upcoming electric Macan

Like other car brands, Porsche is also in the boat business. Now Porsche is also diving into the sale of electric boats. Porsche builds…


DS will drive this golden Formula E car next season

The new skoopmobiel?

No, Formula E is not our favorite branch of motorsport either. But you should still give the electric Formula cars a chance. Once you…


Driving the Lamborghini Revuelto: the first plug-in hybrid Lambo

Does a Lamborghini with electric motors still feel like a real Lambo?

For a long time, Lamborghini felt like the last remaining dinosaur desperately screaming for the electric car's meteorite impact.…