Auto news

Shady G-class seller accidentally wins his own auction (and it costs him dearly)

He tried to jack up the price and succeeded a little too well

Claiming that the car has always belonged to an elderly person whose genes have been passed on for two generations is not always enough…


Do you really get carsick more quickly in an electric car? And why?

Ironically, the positives of an EV are the main culprits

A quick look at the comment fields on the internet shows that enough people are sick of all this nonsense about electric cars. But apparently…


Verstappen thinks it is 'completely fine' that his winning streak is over

Verstappen lost for the first time since April 30

We don't have the idea that Verstappen checks Wikipedia every day to see which record he has broken next. That is why it is not surprising that Verstappen…


Orange top! This collection of orange Aston Martins is being auctioned

Long live Aston Martin. Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!

The first edition of Prinsjesdag was held on the first Monday of November in 1814. Later, the budget plans were presented on the third Monday of October.…


Pedestrian points out incorrect parking behavior to the police, but then receives a fine

The police officer wanted to park on the sidewalk

In the Inside Man, a police negotiator asks one of the hostage takers as a pure bluff to pull the trigger and shoot him. Obviously that doesn't happen,…


Nice news: 'The next Mazda 2 will have a Wankel engine'

This would also be a range extender

We are still recovering from the party we had after Mazda showed the new Wankel engine. Okay, it may work in service of an electric motor and it will be installed…


500,000 euros worth of Teslas deliberately burned down because the brand is 'the enemy'

Climate activists also don't think EVs are that clean at all

"Haha, another bunch of fairground cars pressing the self-destruct button," we hear the EV haters think. This time it's different. The fire…


Even car buyers are now trying to swindle things with a cunning trick

Shady car buyers, they exist too

You hear enough about car salesmen trying to fake things, but it also happens the other way around. The Belgian Nieuwsblad


Red Bull can today become the earliest F1 constructors' champion ever

If it doesn't work out this weekend, the team will have another chance next week

The most telling example of Red Bull's dominance so far is that Verstappen does not need his teammate Pérez for victory…


This airless tire was actually developed for Mars, but you can buy it now

The company starts with bicycle tires

The tire without air is the holy grail that has been promised forever, but never seems to arrive. This year there could suddenly be some movement. Michelin sent…