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Wow, it's still an Exige!

Hethel (England), 4. May 2018 Slowly, it isn't really at all in the case of small, lightweight, and absurdly fast flounder from the East of England. Felt a new Exige-special model currently leaves almost...

Fleet car for Forza 7

Munich, 17. January 2018 Over 700 models, many well-known race tracks and great playability: For car-loving owner of a Xbox One console from Microsoft is a Must in the video game Forza Motorsport 7. Now...

Ares Project Panther

Modena (Italy), 13. December 2017 22 years of construction and 7.260 resulting copies: The Pantera was not only the most successful model of the De Tomaso, but also a sports car icon. Long after the end...

Lotus brings crazy Exige Cup 430

Hethel (UK), 9. November 2017 Now you can set the clock by it. In regularity (however, in shorter intervals) brings Lotus special editions of its models Elise, Exige or Evora on the market. The Striking...

Hennessey Venom F5: Vmax-record in the view

Sealy (USA), 2. November 2017 300 miles per hour. So good 483 km/h, imagine. The Texas Tuner and high-speed Expert John Hennessey is back. And the fight against the Bugatti the fastest car in the world...

Super sports car with carbon fibre

Lelystad (The Netherlands), 31. August 2017 The small Dutch company Donkerfoort is known for hand-built Roadster in the style of the legendary Lotus Seven. Apart from the look of the cars, however, have...

Lotus creates financial Turnaround

Hethel (UK), 11. August 2017 Long Lotus was considered to be unprofitable, the purest money destruction machine. A bad memory of the years between 2009 and 2012, just when then-CEO Dany Bahar, the tradition...

The new Lotus is faster than a Porsche 911 GT3

Hethel (UK), 26. July 2017 More power makes you on to the Straight faster, less weight makes you faster: The confession of faith of Lotus-founder Colin Chapman led the engineers to the latest model. The...

Mega exige of even easier, faster and downforciger

Hethel (England), 21 April 2017 We don't know what Lotus engineers to work in their local pub so to take, but this stuff seems to work. How else would you get the idea, taking the exige completely crazy...

The new generation is under 800 kg

Hethel (England), 20 March 2017 With an unladen weight of under 900 kilos, the various versions of the Lotus Elise has been among the lightest road-legal cars. Now, the British manufacturer announces a...