Lotus 2-Eleven

The Lotus 2-Eleven is part of the extremely rare species of British racing cars, there are even approved for use on public roads. Designed as a pure sports equipment in a radical lightweight, 2-Eleven has been deliberately avoided roof and doors of the Lotus. Daf ÜR guarantee the 255 HP of the 2-Eleven unparalleled driving experience. A mere glance at the body of the fabricated aluminum and carbon fiber Roadster reveals that the 2-Eleven purism is purely announced. To reduce the empty weight of the rear-wheel racers to 745 kilograms, the designers even waived on a windshield. After all, the little Lotus shines with three exterior mirrors. Whether the ultralight car is allowed despite additional lieferbarem Lotus accessories for German roads, is not yet in sight. Lotus Cars hopes to individual exemptions by the German TÜV. Which would have the heart pumping in the face of British engineering actually : The only 1.11 meters high 2-Eleven accelerates in just 4.0 seconds from zero to one hundred elapse until the 180-km/h-Marke just 14, 6 seconds. The top speed is announced at the Lotus dealer with 241 km / h.