Audi R5

The Audi R5, the Ingolstadt car manufacturer to launch a sports car below the Audi R8 on the road, based on the VW BlueSport study. The Audi R5 will be produced as a coupe and convertible, thus closing the gap on the Audi TT Roadster and Coupe. The Audi R5 sporty driving is guaranteed by the concept of the center engine. Compared to its "big" brother, the Audi R5 - R8 sports car looks much more angular and aggressive, designed and directed at such a young affluent target group. In addition to the mid-engine concept, the Audi R5 by weight, trimmed on carbon and aluminum elements on uncompromising ease, similar is the case with the Lotus Elise. For the buyer of a new car Audi R5, the Group holds various ready engines, ready to keep a spectrum 230-300 hp. In the strongest version of the Audi R5-wheel drive quattro is standard, with its derivatives, this can be ordered optionally. Similar to the Audi TT and the Audi R5 is as a used car constitute a sought automobile.