Lotus Super Seven

The Super Seven is an open, two-seat sports car was built from 1957 until 1973 by the British car manufacturer Lotus. The Lotus 7 Total 4 series were launched. After 1974, the Series 4 is set, the largest Lotus dealer, the firm Caterham, the rights to the Lotus 7 has taken over from the Series 3 Lotus and hung up. 1974 thus went the licensing rights of the Lotus Super 7 Caterham Cars to the company that produces the Roadster as Lotus Caterham today in small numbers and constantly improved variants. The Dutch company Donkervoort offers a replica of the car. Due to the numerous engine variants of the Lotus Super Seven, the performance may vary depending on the manufacturer. The Donkervoort D8 Audi (E-Gas) is equipped with a 1.8 - liter turbo engine from Audi, which in about 3.9 seconds faster than the Super Seven replica from 0 to 100 km / h, and pure driving pleasure without ESP, ABS and ASR features.